Battery Management System

The battery is considered as the strategic component of any electric vehicle. All electric vehicles (EVs) are equipped with a Battery Management System (BMS) that intelligently controls the battery charge and protects it from operations beyond the safe limits. It consistently monitors the battery pack during charge and discharge sessions and optimizes the performance by balancing the cells inside the pack, thus improving the battery life and capacity. The accuracy, performance and reliability of the BMS whilst maintaining safety standards is defined by the components used within the system. Amphenol offers a range of compact, flexible high performing automotive grade connectors for these power circuit designs.
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EV Charging

With a wide portfolio of power products supporting 15A-1000A ratings, low contact resistance, high thermal support and component modularity, Amphenol offers the most efficient solutions for the modern EV charging station. Our energy efficient connectivity extends from level 2 chargers to Level 3 Super-fast chargers capable of charging an EV battery in less than 30 minutes, in addition to IP67 sealed connectivity for underground wireless charging.

Level 2 EV Charger

Level 2 EV chargers are capable of charging a 40kWh battery in 3-7 hours and 75kWh battery in 5-11 hours. Amphenol provides energy efficient, high power connectors that go to into the power module boards of these charging stations.

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Level 3 EV Charger

Level 3 EV chargers are high performing super speed chargers capable of charging 40kWh battery in just 30 minutes and 75kWh in less than 2 hours. Amphenol provides enhanced power connectors to go into power modules and bus bars that meet current and voltage ratings of 100A and 480V.

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Combined Charging System

The combined charging system (CCS) combines AC and fast-charging DC in a common large plug. They will have AC Type 1 and Type 2 connectors along with two extra pins at the bottom for DC charging. They are generally called Combo 1 and Combo 2, respectively. The CCS allows for faster and more efficient charging along with space-saving compared to other prominent protocols in the market. Amphenol provides an array of high-power high performing connectors for CCS.

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Superfast Charger

The quick charging Super-Fast Chargers save on time by giving the EV the quickest boost. Amphenol’s busbar connector and cable solutions are ultrasonically welded and provide current carrying capacity up to 200A/contact to the heavy-duty AC/DC power inverters.

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Wireless EV Charger

Wireless EV charging systems situated underground can charge the EV parked above through induction technology. Amphenol promises sealed high power solutions with IP67 specifications that are custom designed for the charger cabinets often prone to harshest of weather conditions.

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Power Inverter and Converter

The power inverter/converter unit within an electric vehicle converts the high voltage DC energy from the battery to a multiphase AC current that helps to drive the traction motor. The EV power management system also comes with a converter that does the reverse function at times of regenerative braking. The inverters are also capable of controlling the motor speed by adjusting the frequency as well as the voltage of the alternate current. Amphenol provides high-reliability power connectors and custom data and power solutions for the EV inverters/converters.
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Vehicle Control Unit

Vehicle Control Units (VCU) are considered the powertrain management system within an electric vehicle. They help with various functionalities of a vehicle from torque coordination, to gearshift operations, voltage management, and charging control. It is responsible for most processes associated with the functional aspects of electric and hybrid vehicles. It takes driver inputs, calculates the torque based on the accelerator and brake pedal positions and the gearbox setting, and passes it to the power inverter/converter. Advanced VCUs can cater for on-board diagnosis, thermal management, and much more for electric and connected vehicles. Amphenol provides data and power connectors along with custom solutions for VCUs.
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E-bikes set standards for the next generation light-mobility, with safer, greener, and comfortable rides. Amphenol provides high power and reliable battery support that ensures uninterrupted performance for longer durations. Our lineup of circular power and battery offerings can be customized to be used in battery packs, handle, and powertrain of all types of e-bikes.
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Electric Forklift

Amphenol offers a range of high-performing interconnects for Battery Modules, Navigation components, and Motor and System Controllers used inside electric warehouse forklifts.
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