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Explore Solutions Pcie Gen4/Gen5 Mini cool edge 0.60mm Minitek 2.00mm wire to board PwrBlade Micro power plus Quickie IDC Mini cool edge IO ExaMax 56Gb/s connector ExaMax 56Gb/s cable Minitek pwr 3.0 DensiLink overpass Bergstik 2.54mm ExtremePort OSFP UltraPort QSFP Modular Jack Magnetic Jack 2xN DDR

We provide reliable integrated signal integrity solutions across High Speed IO, Backplane, and Mezzanine Connectors and Cables to meet the expansive goals of AI/ML. Adhering to PCIe and DDR standards, high performance storage and memory connectors along with high speed magnetic modular jacks and wire to board power connectors for all your AI/ML applications.



  • PLCC, Memory & Media Sockets
  • Compression Mount High Density Interposers
  • Test & Measurement Solutions
  • Reference Designs


  • Co-package & Near Package Solutions
  • 56G / 112G / 224G
  • High Speed Compliance Testing & Validation Resources
  • Reference Designs
Server + GPU

    Server + GPU

  • PCIe Gen 5 & 6
  • Network & Expansion Cards
  • Storage & Memory
  • High Speed Board to Board & Cabling Options
  • Power Distribution Solutions
  • Reference Designs

High Speed IO

High Speed Backplane


High Speed Card Edge

Memory Module


Input Output




Board to Board

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Artificial Intelligence


Profiling Connectivity in Machine Learning Applications

The past decade has witnessed massive advancements in hyper-scale data centers and a rise in connected devices leading to annual global data growth exceeding several trillion gigabytes. High-performing computers have been set up in centrally located data centers to use these zettabytes to aid humanity in achieving new heights by exploring Artificial Intelligence (AI). Though Neural networks, which form the foundation for Machine Learning (ML) or Deep Learning in Artificial Intelligence (AI), were projected decades ago, the computing power to put them into practice was created recently. Learn more about how Amphenol is enabling this technology revolution and providing you with solutions.
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Engineering Support

Engineering Support
Our solutions are engineered to empower the technologies of tomorrow with 2000+ Engineers globally and world class design, manufacturing and testing capability.

We have a long history of operating in quality demanding end markets. Our robust and fully transparent quality systems are efficiently managed by a large Quality Team.
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Standards Committee Partnerships

We are part of various MSA committees to design and build next generation systems and we partner with key Standards Committees: