BarKlip® I/O

Amphenol's BarKlip® I/O products provide a convenient and customizable method of distributing high-current power between busbars, cables, and circuit boards. These board-to-busbar connectors are designed to meet OCP V3 power distribution architecture standards and are ideal for use in power shelves, BBUs, server/storage sleds, EV charging stations, and other high-current applications in data centers. The BarKlip® BK200 I/O and BarKlip® BK100 I/O support both OCP V2 and OCP V3 Open Rack standards and are ideal for use in a range of applications.
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Board / Busbar Mounted BarKlip® Connectors

Amphenol’s range of Board-Mount BarKlip® connectors are high-power, low-resistance busbar connectors designed for hyper-scale computing architectures, energy storage systems, and EV charging stations. These power connectors feature independent points of contact, gold or silver-based plating for ultra-low contact resistance, and an integrated guide system for protection during mating and un-mating.
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BarKlip® for Open Compute Project (OCP)

Our Busbar I/O connectors comply with OCP ORv3 and OCP ORv2 standards. The ultrasonically welded connection between the wire and contact increases the efficiency and reliability of the current transition, while the direct pluggable connection to an uninsulated busbar generates very low energy loss. These products are ideal for high-current applications in power-dense data centers, OCP rack and power solutions, EV charging stations, UPS, and networking equipment.
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Industrial/Energy Storage/EV Charging

Amphenol offers a range of power interconnect solutions ideal for various industrial, energy storage, and EV charging applications. The BarKlip® XP300 and XP200 busbar mounted connectors are designed to distribute up to 300A and 200A, respectively, to single pole busbars with ultra-low end-of-life contact resistance. They can be configured as PCB-mounted busbar connectors. These connectors are ideal for high-current busbar power supply/distribution applications, hyper-scale computing architectures, and OCP 48V-compliant designs.

The BarKlip® BK200 I/O is a wire-to-busbar connector that provides a compliant spring to adjust for variations in busbar alignment and surface finish, making it an ideal solution for Level 2 and Level 3 EV charging stations, Super Fast charging stations, and power modules in EV charging. Finally, the BarKlip® XP connectors offer independent contacts to provide overall lower resistance and greater efficiency, making them perfect for energy storage systems, battery backup units, next-generation data center technologies, robotics, and other high-current power distribution applications.
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