In the contemporary digital ecosystem, the demand for high-speed computing solutions has transcended the boundaries of traditional computational capabilities. From intricate scientific simulations to real-time data analytics and artificial intelligence applications, the need for faster, more efficient server interconnects has become paramount. The race to optimize data processing and communication to these technologies has given rise to the requirement for myriads of server interconnect solutions.

The exponential growth of data generated by modern applications requires servers to have internal and external connectivity capable of handling unprecedented amounts of information. High-speed computing solutions must offer substantial bandwidth to cater to these massive datasets efficiently along with minimizing delays to enhance overall performance. Whether it's smart applications, autonomous vehicles, or live video streaming, reducing latency is non-negotiable.

Amphenol’s high-density, high-speed card edge connectors like PCIe® Gen 6 Mini Cool Edge 0.60mm Card Edge Connectors are capable of transmitting high-speed signals up to 64GT/S PAM4 and can be upgraded up to 112GT/s PAM4. These fine-pitch connectors meet EDSFF, SFF-TA-1002 (1006/1007/1008/1020/1021), OCP NIC 3.0, Gen Z, and JEDEC specifications, making them ideal for next-generation computing facilities. The PCIe® Gen 6 CEM connectors also extend differential signaling to 64GT/s and are also often great choices for real-time applications demanding minimal latency to ensure seamless user experiences.

The era of artificial intelligence has ushered in a new wave of computational requirements. Specialized accelerators like GPUs and TPUs demand dedicated interconnects for optimal performance. Popular GPU data transfer protocols like NVLink and Infinity Fabric are at the forefront, seamlessly facilitating communication between these accelerators and propelling the capabilities of AI workloads. Ideal for use in high-speed computing data center server systems, GPU cards, Riser cards and accelerator cards, the PCIe® DirectAttached cable riser solution is a revolutionary interconnect solution, using cable to replace legacy PCIe® riser cards. It provides cost-savings and space-savings by eliminating the need for the motherboard PCB and riser card PCBs. Amphenol's EDSFF E1/E3 high-speed cable assembly transmits power and high-speed signals via a cable that directly connects to the main PC board supporting EDSFF E1/E3 SSD and CXL or other modules. These are ideal for use in high-speed computing data center server systems as the high-speed cables replace backplane and multi-level PCB motherboard routing for PCIe® high-speed signals.

As workloads grow, the scalability of server interconnect solutions becomes a critical factor. Traditional setups often struggle to scale seamlessly, prompting the need for innovative interconnects that can adapt to evolving computational demands. In addition, the move towards 112G high-speed connectivity is a game-changer for HPC environments.  Amphenol comes up with the EXAMAX2® backplane connector system supporting 112Gb/s PAM4 industry specifications. This ultra-fast interconnect technology enhances data transfer rates and reduces communication latency, enabling high-performance systems to process AI workloads more efficiently.  The Paladin® HD interconnect system also provides world-class bandwidth through industry-leading density at 112Gb/s performance, supporting up to 144 differential pairs orthogonally within 1U spacing.

InfiniBand stands tall as a stalwart in the realm of high speed computing interconnect solutions. With its high bandwidth, low latency, and support for multiple topologies, InfiniBand is a go-to choice for clusters handling intensive computational tasks. It seamlessly integrates with a variety of applications, showcasing its versatility. Amphenol has a line of high-speed like QSFP+, CXP Passive Copper Cable Assemblies, 100G QSFP28 Active Optical Cable and other interconnects including ExtremePort QSFP DD 112G interconnect system and ExpressPort® QSFP+ interconnect system. The Amphenol DSFP products also offer an ultra-high-performance, cost-effective solution for 10G/25G/50G speed applications in switched fabric I/O, switches, routers, data storage arrays, and high-performance computer clusters.

The future promises even more exciting possibilities as advancements in High speed computing architectures and Amphenol is in constant quest to introduce cutting edge technologies to meet the ever increasing demands. Don’t forget to take a look into our extensive offerings for other advanced Datacenter applications!