The Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC) stands as the largest gathering for professionals in the field of optical communications and networking in the world. OFC serves as a platform for showcasing cutting-edge technologies, fostering collaborations, and driving advancements in the optical fiber industry. Amphenol continues its legacy to proudly mark its place among the esteemed participants in 2024 and is ready to make waves with its innovative solutions and expertise.

As a global leader in interconnect systems, Amphenol focuses on enabling high-speed data transmission, enhancing network performance, and addressing emerging challenges. Our comprehensive product portfolio caters to diverse applications across telecommunications, data centers, aerospace, and beyond. We also offer tailored solutions to meet the evolving demands of optical communications. We will be joined by Amphenol Active Optics, Amphenol Fiber Optics Products, Amphenol Network Solutions, as well as the Amphenol Communication Solutions groups including HSIO Cables, HSIO Connectors, Xgiga & Ardent Concepts.

With help from our team of expert engineers, visitors can delve into technical insights, explore industry trends, and discover how Amphenol's solutions can drive their projects forward through our engaging Demos.

We will have four Demo Stations in our booth for the 2024 exhibition. The first one, “Next-Gen Data Center: Connectors and Optics in Immersion Environments” demonstrates Amphenol’s EXAMAX2® ARK high speed backplane connector supporting 112Gb/s PAM4 industry specifications on TR70, an industry leading probing interface with up to 70GHz bandwidth. The setup will demonstrate 400GbE and 800GbE capabilities in air-cooled and immersion environments using DustPhotonics SiPh PIC solution. EXAMAX2® ARK is derivative of the broadly adopted ExaMAX® product series designed to operate in immersion-cooled systems. The live demonstration will show real 112GbE traffic running through the EXAMAX2® ARK interface operating in a fully submerged environment.

The second demo, “Expanding PCIe® Connectivity: PCIe® over Optics with QSFP-DD” will demonstrate PCIe® Gen5 over optics over Linear Pluggable Optics (LPO). It will focus on Amphenol’s LPO optics solutions and AssembleTech’s MCIO product in collaboration with Microchip’s development platform and GigaIO’s FabreX rack solution to support 8x/16x PCIe® Gen 5 links.

We will have another live demo on OSFP-XD for PCIe® Gen5/6 and Ethernet 1.6TBASE on Mated Fixture. Here we will have 2 OSFP-XD connectors connected via 1.5 meter 32 AWG DAC Cable. The maximum loss for a mated cable assembly for PCIe® 6.0 is -14dB at 16GHz. The PCIe® Gen5/6 traffic will be driven by Alphawave Semi PipeCORE chip. We will show the live demonstration of a passive copper link running PCIe® at 64GT/s nearly error free. This enables support for the industry trends to disaggregate server resources within a data center rack. OSFP-XD also enables 1.6T Ethernet Application such as 51.2T switches (with 16x100G modules).

Our final demonstration is  “Beyond the Data Center: Next-Gen Ruggedized On-Board Fiber Optics Transceivers” presented by Amphenol Active Optics group. The demo includes three transceiver models, the SCFF (Small Cubic Form Factor), the QEPT (Quad Embedded Pluggable Transceiver) and the LEAP®OBT (On-Board Transceiver).

The SCFF is a 1-channel duplex multi-mode (850nm) on-board transceiver. This chip-on-board, rugged transceiver features a compact design, 12-pin electrical interface (SMT) and operates at speeds from 1.25 up to 28 Gb/s NRZ with advanced technology for reliable data transfer.

The QEPT is a 4-channel duplex multi-mode (850nm) on-board hot-pluggable transceiver. This is a rugged and versatile solution for challenging applications and offers 100 Gb/s NRZ and 200 Gb/s PAM4 capabilities, ensuring reliability and high performance in critical environments.

The LEAP®OBT (On-Board Transceiver) is a 12-channel duplex multi-mode (850nm) on-board transceiver. This is the smallest and fastest on-board transceiver in the market. With independent channels, it delivers a remarkable aggregated speed of 300 Gb/s NRZ. We also offer a ruggedized version at 192 Gb/s.

Come Join us at OFC Booth #2513 from 26th – 28th March 2024 at San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California to experience these live demonstrations and to explore our extensive portfolio of advanced interconnects. Let's unlock new possibilities together!