The European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC), Europe's largest Optics event is all set to happen from September 19th to 21st, 2022. Amphenol is proud to be a part of this exhibition as a leading innovator in the development and manufacturing of Active Optical Cables.

We are excited to announce a demonstration of Amphenol’s co-packaging solutions.

Amphenol is a leader in developing and supporting OIFs Co-Packaged specifications. The 3.2T module specification defines a common footprint supporting multiple technologies and multiple architectures for a 51.2T switch implementation. Amphenol provides compatibility with optical modules via a high-performance socket and supports copper connectivity using our DensiLink technology. Our product demo will showcase samples of Amphenol’s socket and copper solutions in a configuration representative of practical deployment. Visitors will be able to visually observe the scale and complexity of the integrated product and explore the options to transition between optical and copper implementations.

First, visitors will see an example implementation of a high-density, co-package footprint supporting both copper and optics solutions. The board is populated with both solutions to Amphenol’s OverPass/Densilink products and socket components for optical modules. As part of this display, we will also have an additional bare PCB, where customers can explore hands-on and understand the trade-off between bandwidth and substrate size.


Secondly, we’ll have a single test board and OverPass/Densilink cable end so that visitors can experience the demo by plugging/unplugging the cable from the board.

Come visit us at Booth #357, Messe Basel, MCH Swiss Exhibition (Basel) Ltd., Basel, Switzerland from September 19th to 21st, 2022 to see and experience these live demos and learn more about Amphenol’s exciting offers engineered to meet the demands of next-generation optical communication applications.