“Less is more” is the thumb rule of the modern consumer industry. Handy, compact devices that do not compromise on the benefits of their predecessors are on trend. The shift to wireless devices has been the beginning of this pattern. And there are many technologies to back these new-generation miniature devices.

With the advent of Bluetooth technology, earbuds for audio began to mark such a change, and the term “True Wireless Stereo (TWS) gained popularity with this. But, what does this really mean? What is the technology behind this? And how does Amphenol support this advanced design and technology? Let’s find out more


What is True Wireless Stereo?


True Wireless Stereo is a technology that transfers sound through Bluetooth signals instead of wires or cables. TWS technology uses two earbuds that are connected to one another and to a mobile device. The two audio devices are paired through Bluetooth transmitting the left channel and the right channel separately. This will help to add to the audio clarity.


What is the technology behind TWS?


The working of TWS earbuds differs from brand to brand. However, there will usually be a master earbud that serves as the primary link between the audio source and the secondary earbud. The signals are sent from the master earbud, which gets connected to the device, and then the device gets connected to the other earbud.

Now you can even share an earbud with your buddy and enjoy listening to your favorite music or podcast together, even without sitting adjacent to one another. Apart from that as the Bluetooth chip transfers audio signals to both earphones at the same time, the amount of strain on a single earbud is reduced thus enhancing the connection strength, and improving the audio experience.


Amphenol Solutions for Truly Wireless Stereo


Though true wireless devices were primarily designed for voice calls and music streaming, different use cases have evolved demanding better consumer experiences, like hearing enhancement, Active Noise Cancellation, and integrated Voice Assistants.

The major challenge for TWS manufacturers is the demand for interconnects suiting the ultra-small form factor earbuds. Customers are looking for products that are long wearable, and more sophisticated with enhanced features. This means designing interconnects that can strike a balance among increased processing power, a smaller profile, reliability, and robustness.

Amphenol has successfully partnered with TWS manufacturers meeting advanced application requirements. When it comes to modern technology that requires the most compact connectors with high reliability and enhanced performance, Amphenol is eveready with the ideal solutions.

Amphenol’s 103 series 0.35mm pitch micro board-to-board connectors are already opted as a prime choice for TWS by our customers. These are designed for high-density applications and are capable of supporting extremely low profiles with 0.60mm stack height and high current ratings up to 5A. These connectors meet 10Gb/s signal transmission rates and are offered in 4 to 60 positions. The low-profile connector design with fine pitch makes it ideal for tiny TWS devices. They also offer enhanced contact stability with double contact points.

Check out the video below to learn more about Amphenol’s high-density compact solutions for advanced TWS.


TWS Charging Case


The charging case of a Truly Wireless Stereo also plays a very significant role in the functioning of the devices. In most cases, it acts like a power bank. It can be charged using a USB cable into which the earbuds are inserted. There are LED lights within the case, which indicate the battery levels for both the case and the earbuds.

Amphenol’s advanced USB4 Gen3 Type C and Waterproof USB Type C connectors go into these charging cases. With a power rating of up to 100W, USB4 Gen3 Type C connectors have a high-speed data transmission rate of up to 40Gb/s, with reversible plug and cable orientation. These connectors offer enhanced durability and reduced wear-out from cyclic operation with up to 10,000 mating cycles.

The waterproof USB Type C connector family includes connectors with power ratings up to 100W, high-speed transmission of up to 40Gb/s, IPX4 to IPX8 performance with unique O-ring technology (LIM), and supports a variety of protocols such as USB 2.0, USB 3.2 Gen 1, USB 3.2 Gen 2 and USB4 Gen3.

Learn more about Amphenol’s latest solutions for TWS.