The global automotive industry is passing through massive transitions each day. Driving is much more to consumers than a means of mobility. From high-speed data connectivity and infotainment to person-identification sensors and autonomous driving, the smart cars of today have a handful of features to offer. From the benefit of comfort and luxury to offering the safest driving atmosphere in the harshest of environments, are the highlights of today’s vehicle.

In our earlier articles, we discussed some of the safety and comfort features offered by smart cars and the Amphenol solutions which support them. To add much more to these, advanced sensors and data connectivity technologies have made vehicles much faster, more reliable, and highly responsive. High-speed data connectivity is vital to the smart vehicle in the sense that multiple data protocols are made use of, for example, to establish effective vehicle-to-vehicle communication in response to smart traffic lights and road signals.

From the in-vehicle sophistication and convenience of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) to automotive infotainment notched up with high definition dashboards, feather touch control panels and HUDs (Heads-Up Display), down to the external safety sensors and wireless communication drivers,  all lead to a seamless autonomous driving experience that exceeds the fundamental requirements of the day.

The modern vehicles also target at providing a smoother and smarter ride with the lowest emissions and the best fuel efficacy, keeping the planet green. Stable and high-speed Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity is what keeps the modern cars moving. Spontaneous network technologies with low latency can synchronize automotive sensor units like Cameras, RADAR, LIDAR, and Ultrasound. Amphenol provides high-speed I/O connectors like HSD, HSBridge, USB 3.0/2.0, and HDMI Type E for the optimum high-speed in-sync connectivity.

Amphenol’s NETBridge connectors with IP69K, sealing, and additional locking assurance meet automotive standards USCAR2 and LV214 and are ideal for modern fail-proof autonomous vehicles navigating the toughest of environments.  Minitek MicroSpace Crimp-to-Wire connector platform’s unique design enables LV214 Severity-2 and performs at 1.80mm, 1.50mm, and 1.27mm pitch sizes.

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