Many times, you may have come across situations where you will not be able to see or feel the connector receptacle directly. You somehow align it after some efforts and mate it. However this is not always possible when it comes to huge data centers and power units. This is where the blind-mating feature comes handy.

Many connectors today are blind-mateable. As the name suggests, these can be blindly mated to ensure a secure connection even when the person employing these has a restricted view of the socket. As these blind-mate connectors are made with self-aligning features, these automatically get guided to the correct mating positions.  They are designed to provide consistent reliability and high performance and thus avoid the risks of misalignment.

Many connectors come with blind mating features. Minitek® Pwr BMI 4.2 and 3.0 is one of the best solutions offered from Amphenol ICC that highlights the blind-mating feature. High power connectors like PwrMAX® which supports 100A also come with this feature. PwrMAX® is used in complex datacenters and comes with ±3.5 mm misalignment tolerance. Apart from these, blind mating features in harsh environment connectors like OCTIS Outdoor I/O help in quick field installation even when the environment is hard-to-reach.

Most blind-mate connectors come with an additional security measure or a double locking system which ensures the completion of mating. As these connectors are mated without any visual or tactile tools, there will be an audible lock indicator, snap-in and catch mechanism or guide pins which add to the user friendliness and security of the entire connector system.