Join us at electronica China 2024, one of the leading international trade fairs for the electronics industry. This annual event will occur at the prestigious Shanghai New International Expo Centre in Shanghai from July 8 to July 10. As a proud exhibitor, Team Amphenol is excited to invite you to our booth at N4.4600, where we have a stellar array of new products to offer.

Amphenol will also be joining the International Connector Forum during the show on July 8, 2024, at 2 pm – 2:30 pm. Our Global Product Manager will be speaking on the topic “EXAMAX2® ARK: The world's first high-speed connector system designed for Immersion Cooling applications, achieving 112Gb/s or PCIe Gen 6 speed performance.”

About electronica China

electronica China is the pinnacle of events in the electronics industry. It includes everything from electronic components, systems and applications, sensor technology, control and measurement technology, system peripherals, and software solutions. It brings together ideas and innovation from sectors like automotive and industrial electronics, embedded and wireless, MEMS, and medical electronics.

Amphenol’s Exhibits @ electronica China

Booth: N4.4600

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Date: July 8 to July 10, 2024


Here are some select picks from a wide range of the products we will be showcasing at our booth:

  1. E-Mobility

The e-mobility sector is evolving at a breakneck speed, increasing the need for higher data transfer rates for infotainment and connectivity, as well as higher power for energy efficiency. Amphenol has solidified its presence in the e-mobility industry with its products like DURA EV and FloatCombo.

At electronica China 2024, we are excited to unveil the latest products from the Mini HSBridge+ and Ve-NET series which are the ideal for in-vehicle connections to electronic control units. With high bandwidth, they offer better connectivity through advanced ethernet technologies. The new Ve-NET Automotive Multi-Gigabit Differential Connector System is designed to transmit data from ranges from 1000Mb/s to 10Gb/s. All products are compliant with USCAR standards of various levels and available in various sealed and non-sealed configurations.

Another major offering would be the Cool Power® which is known for its versatile power and signal contacts, different mounting and termination options, and more. As with the previous versions, the new products will see greater improvements in existing features such as blind-mating, sequential mating, true hot-plug capabilities, and first-mate/last-break contacts. As a substantial contributor to the industry, the Cool Power® connectors find intense application in the e-mobility industry, especially in EV charging stations.

Amphenol will also be exhibiting its latest RF products, specifically the AUTOMATE® Mini-FAKRA Connectors. While previous versions of the RF connectors saw data transmission rates up to 20 Gb/s, the new offerings have much more in store.

Drop by the Amphenol booth at N4.4600 to take a look for yourself.

  1. Automotive

The application of connectors in the automotive sector has been booming in the face of increasing demands for efficient energy systems and better battery management systems. Among the many offerings Amphenol has in this sector, the FlexFastFlex-to-Board is a star product thanks to its unique features. With a design compliant with USCAR T3V2 and LV-214 S1 specifications, this connector will be available in 40 positions on single flex with right angle SMT configuration.

  1. AI and Data Center

Innovation is at its peak when it comes to sectors like AI and data centers. Amphenol is proud to display its diverse products that are propelling its speed and efficiency of high-performance computing like never before. With the best signal integrity and lowest crosstalk in the industry, Amphenol’s connectors have set the benchmark.

Some of the products on display will include the latest additions like EXAMAX2® ARK – Immersion cooling, ExaMAX® Cable Assembly, Mini Cool Edge IO, Mini-SAS HD External SMT, MiniSAS HD, and M-Series High Speed Mezzanine. Adding to the list is a powerful offering from the high-current density portfolio, the PwrBlade® ULTRA HD+.

  1. Industrial 4.0

As the industrial world sees a transformative shift with Industry 4.0, Amphenol plays a critical role by enabling it with its powerful connectors. This electronica China, we are proud to present yet another set of products that are setting the stage for this revolution. Here are some that will be on display.

ix Industrial, a leading connector for Ethernet connectivity and other industrial protocols will be showcased with new variants at this event. One can anticipate significant advancements from its previous versions.

Another exhibit from this category will include the ComboStak® 0.50mm BTB connectors. They are compact and provide high signal and current density within a wide range of stack heights, up to 25A per power blade. Newer versions of these connectors will find applications to power innovative solutions in the fifth industrial revolution as well!

  1. ESS

Energy Storage Systems (ESS) play a crucial role in storing energy and stabilizing electrical performance by serving large grid installations and medium commercial to residential establishments. Be it industrial ESS or residential ESS, Amphenol contributes significantly by providing high-power connectors and advanced interconnects for ESS.

This electronica China, we will be exhibiting some interesting additions that will be spearheading the ESS industry further into the future. EnergyKlip EK160 Connectors is the latest addition to our offering. Known for its power rating of up to 160A and optional IP67 sealing, the new variant will improve on the existing models, adding to the prowess of the EnergyKlip family of products.

  1. Server and Storage

Server and storage systems are the backbones of the digital age, ensuring accessibility and security, hosting websites, running applications, and managing business data with reliable performance.  Amphenol enhances these systems with advanced connectors and interconnects, optimizing data transfer and power efficiency to ensure seamless connectivity between servers, storage devices, and other network components.

Amphenol’s Hyper Cool Edge Connectors with their high-speed signal and power capabilities are widely used in data centers, servers, storages, accelerators, AI, and machine learning applications. With capabilities of 32GT/s to 64GT/s PAM4 data rates and the ability to upgrade to 112GT/s PAM4, latest additions to this series will see improvements upon previous models.

Among other connectors used in servers and storage, the Mini Cool Edge 0.60mm will also be a significant addition to the electronica China event. As a high-speed card edge connector, this fine-pitch solution offers multiple BTB applications and meets multiple standards like SFF-TA-1002, Gen Z, EDSFF, and OCP NIC 3.0. Newer variants will see greater application in areas like SSDs, Network Interface Card, and Add-In Card.

  1. Medical

Amphenol is a leading manufacturer of medical temperature sensors for patient monitoring and critical care applications. Adding to the existing array of sensor technologies, Amphenol is excited to unveil innovative new solutions that add to the precision, reliability, and efficiency of patient care and monitoring systems that meet the most stringent requirements.

  1. 5G:

As one of the largest connector manufacturers in the world, Amphenol has been at the forefront when it comes to RF connectors, surge arrestors, and much more. Amphenol will be exhibiting new additions to its series of surge arrestors which will offer advanced protection against overvoltage damage in 5G communication towers with Amphenol’s coaxial surge arrestors. There will also be a focus on new additions to the DC Blocks which are designed to block the flow of DC frequencies to RF signals.

Visit the Amphenol booth N4.4600 to experience them yourself.

  1. Consumer:

Amphenol offers precise and efficient interconnect solutions, meeting new connectivity and convenience standards across various consumer applications. Amongst its stellar products is the USB Type C Connector and Cable Assembly, which is a compact, reversible interface that enables high-speed data transfer and power delivery. It is used widely for data and multimedia transfer and streaming. With a power delivery of up to 240W and speed up to 40Gb/s, the new lineup is expected to improve on the existing models.

Another product to look out for in this category is the Micro Board-to-Board connector. Used widely in high-density applications, this connector supports extremely low profile 0.60mm stack height and high current rating up to 5A. They are ideal for consumer applications such as mobile phones, smart watches, smart glasses, and VR/AR devices. Stop by the Amphenol booth to see new variants that show advanced models of these connectors.

Meet You @ electronica China

Don't miss the opportunity to explore these cutting-edge products and solutions at our booth. Make sure to listen to the latest updates from our Global Product Manager regarding EXAMAX2® ARK!

We look forward to meeting you and discussing how Amphenol can contribute to your business success.

Booth: N4.4600

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Date: July 8 to July 10, 2024