In the fast-evolving healthcare industry, medical monitoring and diagnostic equipment have become pivotal in providing accurate diagnoses and tracking patients' health. These advanced devices, such as CT scans, MRI scans, electrocardiography (ECG) machines, and ultrasounds, rely on state-of-the-art technology to visualize internal structures, guide procedures, and monitor physiological parameters. Amphenol offers a range of products tailored to the medical monitoring market. In this blog post, we will delve into some of Amphenol's featured solutions and their contributions to the advancement of patient care.

Featured Products for Medical Monitoring Systems:

Minitek® 2.00mm: Amphenol's Minitek® connectors offer space-saving board-to-board and cable-to-board connections in a 2.00mm pitch. These connectors provide up to 38% space savings compared to traditional modular systems, making them ideal for compact medical devices. With features like an eject latch, active latch, and a dual beam contact design, Minitek® connectors ensure reliable and secure connections.

BergStak® 0.80mm board-to-board connectors are an essential part of medical monitoring equipment, helping to realize space-saving and high-speed board-to-board connections between main boards and add-on boards. Featuring optional shielding to minimize EMI and meets the increasing trend to use BergStak on FPC cables for flexible connections to solve medical board design challenges. 

Millipacs Backplane Connectors: Designed according to industry standards, FCI Basics Millipacs® connectors are a popular choice for rugged environments. With a 2.00mm grid interconnection system and high-speed options up to 25Gb/s, these connectors cater to a wide range of applications. The modular and flexible product range allows for customization, ensuring the connectors meet specific performance and quality requirements.

0.50mm FFC/FPC Connectors with Autolock Mechanism - F308/F332 Series: Amphenol's F308/F332 series connectors are specifically designed for flexibility and durability. With a height of 2.45mm and an auto-lock mechanism, these connectors offer easy assembly and one-handed operation. The robust design and vibration-proof features make them suitable for various applications, including medical devices, where reliability is crucial.

Rugged D-Sub: For harsh environment applications, Amphenol offers ruggedized D-Sub connectors with die-cast housings and IP67 sealing. These connectors provide reliable performance in extreme conditions, protecting against water, dust, and mechanical damage. Available in different pin densities, they can replace standard equivalents and maintain compatibility while ensuring optimal performance.

ix Industrial IP20 Connectors: These connectors provide IoT connectivity for Ethernet and other industrial protocols in medical monitoring devices. With their small size and 2-point metal latches, they offer increased port density and secure mating. They support high data rates, including 10G Ethernet, and feature excellent EMI protection for reliable performance in noisy environments. Amphenol also offers ix Industrial with full sealing to IP65, IP66, and IP67 specifications.


USB Type C Connectors: USB Type C connectors are versatile and scalable, supporting various protocols and high-speed communication. They provide a reversible design and low profile, making them suitable for emerging product designs in medical monitoring devices. These connectors offer fast data transfer and power supply capabilities.

PCI Express® Gen 6 Card Edge Connectors: Designed for next-generation systems, these connectors exceed industry performance requirements for PCI Express® 6.0. They support backward compatibility and offer various speeds, including 64GT/s (Gen 6). With a wide range of positions available, these connectors ensure high-speed performance without altering the footprint.  These are suitable for the diagnostic computing of medical parameters.

Modular Jack - Rugged: These ruggedized RJ panel mount connectors feature die-cast housings and IP67 sealing, making them suitable for harsh environment applications in medical monitoring devices. They provide reliable performance in extreme conditions and offer protection against water, dust, and mechanical damage.

ComboLock® Wire-to-Board Connector System: The ComboLock® connector system is a compact and reliable solution that combines power and signal configurations in one connector. It offers an active latching feature for secure mating and is available in various configurations, including vertical and right-angle. This connector is ideal for medical monitoring devices with space constraints.

Amphenol's range of connectors for medical monitoring equipment demonstrates its commitment to innovation and providing tailored solutions for the healthcare industry. Their expertise in cable and interconnect design, coupled with their emphasis on manufacturability, biocompatibility, and durability, makes them a trusted partner for medical device manufacturers. By incorporating Amphenol's connectors into medical monitoring systems, healthcare professionals can rely on accurate measurements and seamless connectivity, ultimately improving patient care and outcomes.