November has been a busy month with a handful of events. After the overwhelming response from IEE SA Technology day and SPS, our team is all set to head to meet amazing people at electronica 2022.

The show attracts exhibitors and visitors in various areas of systems, applications, and electronics. It brings the latest innovations and developments in the field of power engineering to PCBs and sensors. The four-day event will bring customers, suppliers, and competitors from around the globe. Here is a quick look at some of the key products we are showcasing at the event.

Paladin® Cabled Backplane

If you are at the event, looking for the best connectors for data center switches and routers, enterprise servers, and high-performance computers, we have Paladin, one of our best-in-class high-speed cabled backplane solutions.

Paladin® Cabled Backplane

Minitek® MicroSpeed Connector

Minitek® MicroSpeed Connector

Minitek® MicroSpeed connector family with 1.00mm pitch supports high-speed data applications with up to 25Gb/s. Check for the shielded design that provides superior EMC performance.

Mini Cool Edge Connector

We are excited to present the high-density, high-speed Mini Cool Edge Connectors designed for new generation small form factor systems and meet SFF-TA-1002, Gen Z, EDSFF, and OCP NIC 3.0 specifications.

Mini Cool Edge Connectors QSFP DD


From communications to switches and servers or test and measurement equipment, whatever your requirement is we have QSFP DD interconnect system operating at 56Gb/s PAM-4 for up to 400Gb/s aggregated bandwidth solution, with enriched features to meet your challenges.

400Gb/s QSFP-DD Transceivers

Fiber optical technology is taking new generation applications to next level. Do you want to know more about 400Gb/s QSFP DD SR8 high-speed optical transceivers that find applications in cloud computing, Big Data, and other technologies associated with the construction of data centers? We have experts to brief you about this at electronica 2022. 400G QSFP-DD SR8 Transceivers

Industrial Ethernet

The focus of Industrial 4.0 is on intelligent machine-to-machine communication, robotics, and automation through faster and smarter networks. Amphenol makes it possible with high-speed Industrial Ethernet connectors. Check out our advanced offerings.


Minitek® Pwr 5.7 Connector System

Are you looking for a flexible and comprehensive solution for power applications with a high current rating? Our Minitek® Pwr 5.70mm current rating up to 23A per contact and wire gauge range from 16 - 12AWG will meet your needs.

USB Connectors

From compact super speed USB Type C to USB 4 connectors compatible with Thunderbolt 4 interface combining power charging, tunneling USB, PCIe® data transfer, and DP video and audio capability in a single Type C connector, Amphenol has the most versatile range of USB connectors matching all your application requirements and challenges.

Lynx™ QD

Optimized for differential pair signaling, Lynx™ QD sets a new standard for density and flexibility that offers an innovative, high-performance interconnect with PCIe® Gen 5 support. Available in right angle, coplanar, and vertical stacker form factors with 12, 20, 40, 60 and 80 differential pairs, Amphenol's Lynx™ QD delivers the flexibility to solve even the toughest design requirements.

PwrBlade® MiniMezz Connector Series

Do you know what makes Amphenol’s PwrBlade® Mini connector series special? It is the lowest profile power & signal mezzanine connector available in the market today. Visit our booth to learn more about the exciting features these power connectors have to offer.

ExaMAX2® Backplane Connector System

PwrBlade<sup>®</sup> MiniMezz Connector Series

PwrBlade® MiniMezz Connector Series

ExaMAX2® Backplane Connector System


With a 112Gb/s PAM4 Performance ExaMAX2® delivers industry-leading SI performance including RL, ILD, and reflections. If you are searching for the perfect backplane solution for your data and communication applications, your search ends here.


Amphenol's OverPass™ cable system offers a broad range of capabilities that allow our customers to efficiently transmit high-speed signals from near an ASIC to anywhere in their system.

Come visit our booth and meet our experts to learn about the most versatile, robust, extra-performing interconnect solutions from Amphenol at Hall A2, Booth 303 – Trade Fair Center Messe München from 15th November through 18th November 2022.