Power connectors are one of the most popular connectors that we deal with in our day-to-day life. From a power socket at home or office to advanced power solutions used in robotics, there are wide varieties of power connectors. Based on the design, current carrying capacity, orientation, and application requirements, Amphenol offers quite an extensive array of power solutions. This article discusses the latest additions to our power offerings.


PwrBlade® MiniMezz Connector Series


PwrBlade® is one of Amphenol’s legacy brands and is known for high-performing connectors in different capacities. The latest to this family is the PwrBlade® MiniMezz connectors, with enhanced features in a smaller profile. These lowest profile hybrid mezzanine connectors are available in stack heights ranging from 8mm to 20mm with options for power & signal contacts. With ±0.80mm of gatherability, they are offered with blind-mate guides. PwrBlade® MiniMezz is available with a press-fit tail or an in-solder tail termination.


OCP 48V BarKlip® BK500


OCP 48V BarKlip® BK500 and BK150 are the latest additions to the Busbar family. These power cable assemblies are designed to meet OCP V3 IT Gear power distribution architecture standards and OCP 48V BarKlip® BK500 provides a convenient method of distributing up to 500A per contact between busbars, cables, and circuit boards. With two individual power circuits and two newly added secondary chassis grounding contacts, they come with high current carrying capabilities and customizable features.

These connectors provide an ultra-low end-of-life contact resistance of 0.5mΩ with 18 independent conducting beams respectively. They support 48V Power Rack Architecture and come as simple configurable plug-and-play solutions. The contacts are made of high conductivity copper alloy and are ultrasonically welded between wire and contact adds to low voltage drop and enables high reliability. The floating panel mount design provides 6.4mm side-to-side gatherability and supports ±3mm float horizontally and vertically. They find applications in a variety of power-dense data center applications such as Power shelves, BBU & server/storage sleds.


OCP 48V BarKlip®BK150


The BarKlip BK150 is much similar to this in features, however as the name suggests it comes with a lower capacity. Capable of distributing up to 150A per contact, they feature 12 independent conducting beams and silver plating still providing ultra-low end-of-life contact resistance of 0.5mΩ. In addition to the rest of the features of BK500, BK150 also has new sense pin contacts that enable mate last-first break capability.

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