Amphenol introduces new products to meet the requirements of innovative technologies and applications across the markets. From speed to performance and design, our products are updated based on the latest technological developments. Read more on the latest additions to Amphenol’s extensive portfolio of advanced interconnects.

Hermetic Connectors

One of the latest introductions from Amphenol includes glass/epoxy-sealed Hermetic Connectors. Suitable for high temperature, high-pressure applications like gas/water energy metering, and medical applications like X-Ray machines, they offer superior sealing and highly reliable electrical connection at both ends serving as a feed through.

These connectors/cable assemblies operate under severe high-temperature and vibration environments and are available in various pin configurations. The glass-sealed contacts come with a current rating of up to 3A, an operating temperature range up to 200°C, and are ideal for harsh conditions.The connectors are riveted to meter casings and the mating connector is provided as a customized solution based on the meter casing.

2.00mm FFC/FPC connectors with Auto-lock mechanism

Amphenol has now introduced 2.00mm Non-ZIF flex connector with an auto-lock mechanism and surface mount termination. The auto-lock mechanism allows one-handed operation and ease of assembly. There are two versions F73W which is a vertical connector with a height of 6.25mm and F73V, the right-angle version with a height of 3.00mm. Both the connectors are offered in 5 to 16 contacts and feature a cable thickness of 0.40mm with a durability of 20 mating cycles.

Its robust connector design makes it suitable for robotic operations, supporting Industry 4.0, data, industrial, communication, consumer, and medical applications. As these are LV214 S1 compliant, they are also ideal for automotive applications with anti-vibration features.

Extremeport112G Interconnect System

Amphenol offers both SFP and OSFP connectors under the brand Extremeport. Amphenol's ExtremePort SFP 112G interconnect system is comprised of a 20-position hot-swappable I/O connector enclosed in a metal cage mounted to a host PCB. The Electrical interface employs a single lane that operates up to 112Gb/s on PAM4 modulation, providing solutions up to 112Gb/s aggregate bandwidth.

Whereas, ExtremePort OSFP 112G interconnect system is comprised of a 60 position, 0.60mm pitch connector designed for high-speed serial applications. Each port supports up to 800Gb/s in aggregate over an 8 x 112Gb/s electrical interface. It is one of the industry's leading multi-lane pluggable form factors used across Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and InfiniBand.

AirMax VSX®


The latest addition to Amphenol’s legacy brand AirMax, AirMax VSX® connectors are high speed, high density, 2.00mm pitch connectors supporting 56Gb/s PAM4 performance. These innovative 56Gb/s PAM4 connectors come with improved return loss, crosstalk performance, and excellent mechanical performance.

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