In September, Amphenol ICC launched 4 new products. PwrMAX® G2 is the highest density blind mate power and signal connector available in the market today and Mezzostak® 0.50mm with an innovative hermaphroditic design is a robust fine-pitch mezzanine connector solution. While IPS series offer an integrated cable solution for high-speed card edge connectors like PCIe, the new MXM connector provides an advanced high-density PCIe® solution.

PwrMAX® G2 Power Connector

With 18% reduced depth on board,PwrMAX® G2 series carries up to 100A per contact. It features improved blind mate gatherability and the optimized guides offer more power in lesser space, with room for an additional low-power contact or 6 signal contacts on each side. PwrMAX® G2 is an ideal solution for any PCB or busbar application that requires high density and high current. These connectors are currently available in orthogonal, mezzanine, right angle, and coplanar configurations.



MEZZOSTAK® 0.50mm Pitch Connectors

This new addition to the Mezzostak family is suitable for a wide range of high-reliability applications and demanding environments. MEZZOSTAK® 0.50mm pitch connectors are available in 120 positions with other position options on demand. These connectors feature polarized housing and guidance 'scoops' on housing prevents mismating and high retention force helps in providing a secure connection. It supports PCIe® Gen 2 and SAS 3.0 performance.

MXM 3.0 Connectors

MXM connector is a low power, small form factor, high-performance graphics adapter. With 0.50mm pitch and 314 contacts, the MXM 3.0 connector supports 16 lanes PCIe® signal performance with smaller board space. These non-proprietary, industry-standard sockets help in upgrading graphics processor without changing the whole system or relying on proprietary vendor upgrades. It also supports up to 8 DDR2, DDR3, GDDR3 or GDDR5.

IPS (Integrated Product Solutions) Series

IPS series extends the connection from simplified card-to-card to multiple gender options for connector-to-connector, connector-to-card or card-to-card configurations, compared to the traditional card-to-board applications. IPS series supports high-speed card edge cable solutions meetingPCIe® 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 specifications and is backward compatible.

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