Amphenol offers the most comprehensive backplane connector and cable portfolio in the industry. With supporting speeds up to a staggering 224G and compatibility with PCIe® Gen7, these innovative interconnects redefine the benchmarks of connectivity. Designed to excel in all high-speed applications, these connectors and cables optimize space utilization without compromising performance along with providing market-leading density. Their superior Signal Integrity (SI) and Mechanical Engineering (ME) performance ensure uninterrupted data flow even in the most demanding environments. Backed by global manufacturing capabilities and unmatched capacity, Amphenol reaffirms its position as a pioneer in high-speed connectivity solutions.

This article discusses some of Amphenol’s top high-speed backplane interconnect solutions.

Unveiling Paladin® HD

At the forefront of innovation stands Amphenol’s Paladin® HD interconnect system. With a staggering bandwidth from 112Gb/s to 224Gb/s, it sets a new benchmark in high-speed applications. Designed to meet the demands of the most data-intensive environments, this system claims industry-leading density, accommodating up to 144 differential pairs within a 1U spacing. 

Finding applications in cloud servers to high-performance computing, the Paladin® HD utilizes a balanced pair structure, built with individually assembled and discretely shielded differential pairs with a revolutionary hybrid board attachment for maximized density and electrical performance.

Empowering Flexibility with ExaMAX®

 Amphenol’s ExaMAX® backplane connector system is a game-changer. Supporting data rates ranging from 25G to over 112G, along with PCIe® Gen4 to beyond PCIe® Gen7, it offers a seamless upgrade path without compromising on performance. This backplane connector system is designed to meet 56Gb/s PAM4 industry specifications with plenty of SI margin while maintaining mating interface compatibility with previous ExaMAX® products. 

Our newest EXAMAX2® backplane connector system supports 112Gb/s PAM4 industry specifications, and are optimized to support the demanding electrical and mechanical requirements of 112G systems. Moreover, its robust design caters to stringent space constraints, making it ideal for compact applications where density is crucial.  The optimized connector design also delivers superior signal integrity performance resulting in lower crosstalk noise and higher insertion loss-to-crosstalk ratio.

Xcede® HD - Maximizing Performance

The XCede® HD backplane connector represents a leap forward in high-speed data transmission technology, with impressive performance capabilities of up to 20 Gb/s. Designed in a Hard Metric form factor, it offers a remarkable linear density of up to 84 differential pairs per inch (33 differential pairs per centimeter). This represents a significant 35% increase in density compared to standard XCede® connectors, making it a leader in high-density connectivity solutions.

Available in both 85Ω and 100Ω impedance versions, these connectors can be tailored to suit specific requirements while enjoying excellent price and performance scalability. With its combination of cutting-edge technology, enhanced density, and versatile configuration support, the XCede® HD connector sets a new standard for high-performance data connectivity in demanding applications.

AirMAX® - Redefining Compatibility

AirMAX® is Amphenol’s legacy brand of hard-metric backplane connectors supporting multiple serial architectures. Compatible with the ExaMAX® series, AirMAX® guide, and power modules play a crucial role in ensuring easy integration within Open Compute Project (OCP) designs. By adhering to industry standards and specifications, AirMAX® components facilitate the adoption of high-speed connectivity solutions, driving efficiency and scalability across diverse platforms.

HD Express - Pioneering PCIe® Optimization

High-speed backplane connectors and cables form the lifeline of modern technology, enabling the exchange of data across a myriad of applications. As we embrace the era of digital transformation, Amphenol is in a constant quest to develop the most innovative and cutting-edge interconnect solutions that will serve as the bedrock upon which the future of connectivity will be built. Check out the extensive range of high-speed backplane connectors and their applications to find products tailored to your design requirements.