Amphenol ICC’s OverPass cabling Interconnect solution addresses hardware designer / architect’s need for a lower loss signal transmission path from the ASIC chip site to the external IO port or pluggable module interface.  The system transfers high-speed signals to twinax cables shortly after they are launched from the chip and delivers a direct link to the external port when compared to the more typical transmission through the PCB line or system card. The OverPass system is flexible and offers multiple interface choices. This allows the designer to choose proper interfaces based on their signaling speed, signal density, system heat management and other key parameters that are part of the hardware design.

These high-speed OverPass solutions address requirements for a low loss, chip-to-external port interconnect link and meet a wide range of signaling speeds for both current and future applications. Leveraged Amphenol ICC’s expertise & products includes external high-speed board connectors, cages, bulk cable and internal connector and cable IO systems. Amphenol ICC offers a wide selection of high-speed external interfaces including SFP, QSFP, QSFP DD, OSFP, mini-SAS HD, cabled backplane interfaces such as ExaMAX® and Paladin® along with providing an extensive range of internal near chip interfaces like low profile SlimSAS and Mini Cool Edge IO.

These integrated and comprehensive link solutions meet the system performance across a wide range of industry signal transmission standards like IEE802.3bj, IEEE802.3cd, 100G Ethernet, PCIe, SAS, etc.

The low profile, high-density internal cabling solutions are offered in multiple cable exit options like straight, right angle, etc. The high-speed, low-loss bulk cable from Spectra-Strip® offers optimized wire performance as well as aids in wire management, termination, and routing. The high-speed solutions are available in 10G-25G-56G-112G per lane signaling speeds to meet varied customer requirements and are adaptable to different cable constructions including double ended, Y cable, breakout and multiple cages configurations like single cage, ganged and stacked cages.

These multiple choices makes it an ideal solution for customers looking for a “one stop shop” fully capable supplier for the entire interconnect link at minimal cost. Read more on the OverPass Interconnect Solutions from Amphenol ICC.