In the ever-evolving landscape of robotics, where precision and reliability are paramount, the heartbeat of these technological marvels lies in their power supply systems. Today, we delve into the critical components that keep robots in action: batteries and chargers. Furthermore, we'll explore the cutting-edge products offered by Amphenol, a leading name in the industry, that are shaping the future of robotic power solutions.

Understanding the Core: Batteries for Robotics

Just like the human heart, batteries are the life force of robots. They store and supply the energy required for seamless operation. When it comes to the diverse world of robotics, selecting the right battery is crucial, and factors such as weight, efficiency, and longevity come into play.

Mobile Robots' Demand for Specialized Power

Mobile robots, including autonomous vehicles, drones, and inspection bots, present unique challenges. Unlike their stationary counterparts, they must be self-sufficient, carrying their power source. For example, in the case of drones, there are stationary charging pods situated on the ground to which the drone can land and dock to charge and this process can repeat without human supervision making the drone self-sufficient.  In AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles), the robots return to a charging station on the factory wall to replenish.  What’s more, the batteries in these mobile systems are designed to be lightweight, compact, and long-lasting. 

Navigating the Maze of Battery Chargers

Ensuring that mobile robots can efficiently recharge is where battery chargers step in. These devices are designed to replenish onboard batteries safely and effectively. Amphenol's lineup of connectors for battery chargers stands out by being a critical part of interfacing Battery Management Systems (BMS) to the battery.  BMS modules employ smart charging techniques utilizing algorithms to optimize charging speed while preserving battery health and preventing cell breakaways.

Choosing the Right Battery for Mobile Robots: Key Considerations

Selecting the ideal power supply or battery for your mobile robot involves careful consideration of several factors:

Battery Compatibility: Ensure the charger aligns with your robot's battery type, whether Li-ion, Ni-MH, or others.

Energy Efficiency: Opt for a high-efficiency charger to preserve battery life and reduce charging times.

Size and Weight: Choose a charger within the robot's size and weight constraints.

Charging Speed: Depending on the operational schedule, a fast charger might be essential to minimize downtime.

Operating Environment: Confirm the power supply can withstand the conditions your robot will face, whether indoor, outdoor, high-temperature, or low-temperature environments.

Powering the Stillness: Stationary Robots' Unique Needs

Moving from the agile world of mobile robots, we transition to the steadfast realm of stationary robots. These robots, commonly found in automated production lines and assembly plants, like a robotic arm, have their own set of power requirements.

Continuous Operation and High Peak Load: The Challenges

Versus mobile robots, stationary ones are more likely to operate continuously, executing tasks 24/7 without interruption. This constant demand necessitates power supplies capable of delivering consistent performance under continuous load. Many industrial robots also face high-peak load requirements, especially during strenuous operations.

Key Considerations for Stationary Robot Power Supplies

When selecting a power supply for stationary robots, key considerations include:

Peak Load Capacity: Ensure the power supply can handle peak power demand without sacrificing stability.

Continuous Power Delivery: Look for a power supply capable of providing consistent power under continuous load.

Size: If space is a concern, consider a compact, high-output power supply.

Environmental Conditions: The power supply should withstand factory conditions, such as dust, humidity, or high temperatures.

Reliability and Lifespan: For 24/7 operations, opt for a power supply with proven reliability and a long lifespan to eliminate costly downtime and premature replacements.

Amphenol's Solutions for Robots

Amphenol offers a range of connectors for power supplies to meet the unique needs of stationary robots, each tailored for specific requirements.

High Peak Load Power Supplies: Powering Industrial Giants

Industrial robots often require high peak-load power supplies capable of handling short bursts of high power demand without compromising stability. Amphenol's offerings, such as the PwrBlade® Mini, PwrBlade® ULTRA Connector System and CoolPower® SDM Connectors, ensure that robots receive the energy they need during peak operating times.

Compact High Output Power Supplies: Efficiency in Limited Space

For applications where space is at a premium, compact yet high-output power supplies are the answer. Connectors like Minitek® Pwr 4.2 Connector System, Clincher™ Flex Connectors, PwrBlade® Mini, PwrMAX® G2 Power Connector, or BarKlip® BK200 I/O provide significant results in a smaller package, making them ideal for densely packed production lines or compact robotic systems.

Our latest product addition: DURASWAP™ Connectors with cable assemblies offer outstanding durability with 10,000 mating cycles and a continuous current range of 15A to 70A. Ideal for E-Mobility, Swappable Battery systems, Industrial and instrumentation, Warehouses, Robotics, Drones, and more, these connectors feature a versatile 2 Power & 6 Signal configuration, enabling application flexibility. With guide pins for blind mating, UL94V-0-rated housing materials for safety, and an operating temperature range from -20°C to +90°C, they suit diverse environments. The connectors also incorporate a metal bush for panel fastening, ensuring secure connections and efficient panel IP sealing. With IP67 ratings, FMLB for power terminals, and PokaYoke for mismating prevention, DURASWAP™ Connectors offer a robust and reliable solution for swappable docking needs.

Amphenol's Diverse Range: Powering Your Unique Needs

Whether your robotics application involves mobile robots with demanding power needs or stationary robots operating continuously, Amphenol has you covered. The diverse range of power supply connectors spanning a broad range of currents and voltages and their associated signal counterparts providing value-added features like thermal management, ensure that you receive quality without compromise.