2018 marks the 20th anniversary of one of the most widely accepted and influential power connectors in the industry today, the PwrBlade® power connector. From its initial release, PwrBlade® was considered a game-changer for its high performance stamped and formed contacts. Since then, the PwrBlade®family has served as the de-facto standard in data centers and has expanded over 3 generations, which now features PwrBlade+®PwrBlade ULTRA® and other key developments including cable assembly options

New world technology has driven the advancement of the PwrBlade®  family in areas such as; power density, ultra-low contact resistance, and overall design modularity. The family’s latest addition, PwrBlade ULTRA®, offers customers a highly configurable power & signal connector, capable of carrying over 200A per linear inch while maintaining an ultra-low contact resistance of just 0.4mΩ! The connector also features our proprietary GCS® plating technology which provides ultra-low resistance and increases overall efficiency. In addition, PwrBlade ULTRA® was designed with an ultra-low profile height of just 9.6mm to reduce airflow impedance.

With the continued success of PwrBlade®, our Power Solutions team looks to continue to provide exceptional cutting-edge technologies to support the ever-expanding world of innovation.

We are proud to present our PwrBlade® products at DesignCon 2018.  Visit us at booth #833 to see our latest, innovative product extensions!

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