The lighting industry is developing rapidly with the introduction of smart lighting with sensors. From office interiors to factories, smart homes, and street lighting, one can find various forms of lighting. Amphenol has an array of lighting products meeting all major standards and next-generation requirements.

Street Lighting with Sensors

From incandescent street lamps to today’s modern motion sensing intelligent lighting, street lighting has gone through tremendous enhancements over the years. Most of the lamps you see in the street sides come with various sensors from the ones that identify a vehicle or pedestrian and adjust the luminance accordingly, to the ones that send traffic information through GPS. Amphenol offers lighting connectors for dimming and sensor applications in IIoT-based street lighting, like FLS series connectors compliant to Zhaga Book 18, FLA receptacles, and FLC shorting caps compliant to NEMA standards.

How to Choose Outdoor Lighting Connectors?

Apart from street lighting, with smart and intelligent buildings, outdoor lighting is also getting smarter. From home outdoors to commercial parking and billboards, you come across various outdoor luminaires each day. However, the connector solutions vary from application to application. Amphenol offers outdoor Ethernet solutions that are Power over Ethernet (PoE) capable with Cat5E performance, which are ideal for smart lightings with sensors that can be remotely managed. We also offer IP67 outdoor locking connectors that can withstand harsh environments.  Our FLS series connectors are compliant to the Zhaga 18 series and are ideal for outdoor lighting requirements.

Smart Interior Lighting Solutions

Interior lighting in intelligent buildings in the present-day performs as wireless devices supporting Ethernet, Bluetooth, and Zigbee connectivity.  The light modules in smart homes and convenience stores are capable of communicating with consumers’ smartphones allowing direct remote control as well as provide real-time information. These smart lights are Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and Power-over-Data-Line (PoDL) capable.

Amphenol’s offers for interior lighting solutions are governed by well-known lighting standards in the industry, ANSI/NEMA, and Zhaga. The FLM series which was chosen as the design standard for Zhaga Book 20 specifies 2 position connectors identified as Luminaire Extension Module Receptacles (LEX-MR) and Luminaire Plugs (LEX-LP), used for DALI-2 (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) applications. DALI-2 is a smart interface protocol between indoor luminaires and sensors and communication modules.

ADAS Rich Automotive Lighting

Most modern automobiles today have stunning features among which adaptive headlights are a key attraction. Besides, all ADAS rich vehicles come with smart LED lighting and premier interior lighting adding to the extravagance of each ride. Amphenol’s automotive lighting connectors include compact Minitek Microspace connectors which are USCAR compliant and meet LV214 severity-2 standards, in addition to a range of other wire-to-board power and signal offerings.

Visit our lighting application page to get a wider scope on our range of connectors meeting various smart lighting requirements.