Industrial robotic arms painting automotive, picking and placing orders at warehouses and helping assemble minute and fragile parts at manufacturing factories with precision is no more a fiction. The growing popularity of robotics in the industry is no more surprising as basic to sophisticated industrial operations are now being automated. The days of factories run by robots, with zero human surveillance is not that far.

With the advancement of the Internet of Things (IoT), machine vision technology, robots will be able to literally “see”. Technologies like 3D embedded vision and multispectral/hyperspectral imaging, combined with artificial intelligence and deep learning, will empower industrial robots. They will be in a position to process the images that are captured and take actions based on their automated learning through trial and error. When the trends catch up next level, it is essential to ensure safety along with reliability for which the market is getting ready with enormous increases in the number and types of safety sensors.

The significance of proper connector choice is not meagre when it comes to the performance of robotics. As the advancement in robotics is focusing on accomplishing more delicate and sensitive tasks, the appropriate types of interconnections need to be incorporated. Power and signal connections are most often found in today’s robotics devices. It is essential to have extremely small and lightweight connectors that can withstand extreme environments without comprising the performance. Amphenol ICC’s Minitek® Pwr 3.0 High Current Connectors and Rugged MRD Series Circular Locking Connectors are hence an ideal choice.

When high-speed data processing is required, choose Ethernet and networking connectors/cable that are shielded against EMI/RFI for better performance. Amphenol ICC’s ix Industrial Connectors and Cables and modular jacks (with and without magnetics) offer high-speed ethernet connectivity with EMI shielding.  Besides, we also offer USB connectors, FFC-FPC, and Memory-Media Connectors that support robotic controllers. Read more about Amphenol ICC’s comprehensive connector solutions offered for Robotic Control and Robotic Arms.