The Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara is the largest event for flash memory and other high-speed memory technologies. The event brings together exhibitors from various sectors including design and components in non-volatile memory technologies and consumer electronics around the globe.

FMS 2022 creates an avenue to learn more about the latest advances in flash memory architecture, QLC flash, and an extensive range of volatile and non-volatile memory technologies including NAND Flash, DRAM, MRAM, and ReRAM. The show will also focus on expanded technology coverage encompassing cybersecurity, DNA-based storage and several other forms of high-performance memory. The industry celebrates the 35th anniversary of NAND Flash Memory which adds to the festivities of the event.

The event also features sessions on the design, development, integration, marketing strategy, and use cases that support memory technologies and their related hardware, software, and services. Attendees will get the opportunity to attend keynotes from experts in the field, as well as access to information regarding the latest technology updates, forecasts, and roadmaps for non-volatile memory (NVM).

Major players across these markets will present their wide range of products addressing the growing demands of the industry. Amphenol, as a pioneer in high-speed memory modules, will exhibit an expansive range of connectors at this year's event and will be available to solve your storage challenges.

Our key products at FMS include PCIe® M.2 Gen 5 Connectors that provide 67 contacts on 0.50mm pitch. These connectors occupy less board space, offer more connector height options, and support higher data rates compared to PCIe® Mini Card connectors. PCIe® Gen 4 and Gen 5 connectors provide support for 2.5GT/s (Gen 1), 5.0GT/s (Gen 2), 8.0GT/s (Gen 3), and recently upgraded to 16GT/s (Gen 4), even further to Gen 5 32GT/s per differential signal pair.

Amphenol also showcases vertical DDR5 DIMM sockets that provide 288 contacts on 0.85mm pitch and are designed to accept DDR5 memory modules that conform to JEDEC MO-329, along with DDR5 SO-DIMM connectors that deliver high-speed and bandwidth. Being half the size of regular DIMMs, they lower power consumption and promote better thermal management. From standard products to high-speed and high-power variants, Amphenol showcases a wide range of card edge solutions that support various applications including Mini Cool Edge, Double Density Cool Edge, Slim Cool Edge, and Cool Stack Hybrid Power & Signal. We will also have high-performing storage connectors like SAS, PCIe 5.0 (U.2 & U.3), and different generations of USBs exhibited at the event.

Amphenol Assembletech will also be exhibiting at this event showcasing a wide range of technology-leading products including ExtremePort, UltraPort, and Riser Card ODC Cable Solutions.

Please visit us at Flash Memory Summit 2022, Booth# 840 from August 2nd through 4th 2022 at Santa Clara Convention Center to learn more and meet our Storage experts!