As the lighting industry is expanding, it targets on seamless data transfer with integrated lighting controls and sensors apart from basic luminary functions. Amphenol being a leader in technological innovations is keen to stay a step ahead in providing, connector solutions that meet the increasing demands along with complying with the industry standards.

The Zhaga Consortium

Zhaga Consortium is a leader in the lighting industry that defines standards for lighting solutions to meet the trends like smart lighting, and create inter-operable components so that they can be serviced, replaced, or upgraded with improvements in technology. We have already discussed on the Amphenol FLM series which is chosen as the Zhaga Book 20 lighting standard.

Outdoor Lighting Solutions

While FLM series connectors cater to the advanced requirements of interior lighting like air quality testing to light level controlling and presence detection, we have also the new FLS series connectors adhering to the Zhaga Book 18 requirements.  This connector helps in creating a smart interface between outdoor luminaires and sensing/communication nodes for typical applications in the roadway and smart city lighting.

Zhaga Book 18 FLS Connectors

The FLS Receptacle is designed with 4 contacts for Power, DALI and Digital I/O, and mounts on a Luminaire, supporting smart lighting controls, sensor applications, and wireless communication. The housing for a Photocell/Sensor Module assembly is made of mating FLS Base /Extension Module and Dome. The receptacle is compatible with and mates to all Photocells built with an Amphenol Book 18 Base/Extension Module and mounts to the luminaire in a single hole with mounting nut and gasket allowing easy installation. These are offered in both 40mm and 80mm diameters, as well as any certified Zhaga Book 18 extension module, and hence can support various application requirements.

A Zhaga Book 18 protective cap is also available for receptacles that do not have a photocell connected to them. Sensor modules manufactured with the Amphenol Zhaga Book 18 Base and Dome are used to provide dimming control, wireless connectivity, and a variety of sensing and other functions. The domes provide rugged, sealed protection to module electronics, ensuring reliable operation in harsh environments.

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