Fan Connector

Fan connectors are crucial components in electronic devices such as computers and servers, as they enable the transfer of power, data signals, and control information to fans that help cool these devices. Some main types of fan connectors include card-to-wire (CTW) and wire-to-board (WTB). CTW fan connectors are designed to connect fans to fan control boards or motherboards, providing power to the fan and enabling the fan control boards to control its speed. Card-to-wire fan connectors, on the other hand, are used to connect fans to the gold finger of the PCB, providing a secure and reliable connection without the need for soldering.

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    WTB BMI Fan Connectors
    FINE PITCH CONNECTORS WITH BLIND-MATE INTERFACE Amphenol's wire-to-board fan connectors come with...
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Card-to-Wire Fan Connectors

A card-to-wire fan connector is a type of connector that is used to connect a fan to a fan control board or motherboard. The purpose of this connector can be to provide power to the fan, work up the auxiliary lighting, or allow the fan control board card to control its speed. This is important because the fan helps to cool the components of the motherboard and maintain a safe operating temperature to prevent damage due to overheating.

The Design of CTW Fan Connectors

Amphenol’s CTW (Card-to-Wire) fan module connector has a flexible design suitable for power applications in fan modules that require a card-to-wire connection. It is compatible with wire gauges ranging from 28AWG to 22AWG, allowing for versatility in its use. Each pin of the connector can handle a maximum current rating of 4A.

Standard Module Version

The CTW fan module connector is available in two versions: standard and smart. Both options provide a cost-effective solution with less airflow drop than traditional card-to-board fan connectors. The standard fan module is easy to assemble with a cover and allows for tidy wire management. It also has optional idle keys for fan model identification and optional left/right light pipe-frame orientation.

Smart Module Version

The smart fan module includes an IC slot that enables the recording of fan operations through an IC, specifically the ST Microelectronics M24C64 series (SO8 (MN) 150 mil width). An additional pin on the IC side and power side permits detection and FMLB operations.

Uses and Applications of Fan Connectors

CTW fan connectors are used as fans to aid computer cooling systems. The fan header on the motherboard provides a way to transfer power and control signals to the PC fan, allowing it to operate at the correct speed and with the appropriate cooling.

Wire-to-Board Fan Connectors

Wire-to-Board fan connectors are used to connect a fan to a circuit board or other electronic device. They typically consist of a male connector with wires attached to it, which is attached to the fan, and a female connector that is soldered to the circuit board or other device.

These connectors typically include features such as locking mechanisms to prevent accidental disconnection, and they may include additional wires for controlling fan speed or monitoring fan status. Some wire-to-board fan connectors are also designed to provide power to the fan, while others are designed to carry data signals.

Pitch Sizes of Blind-Mate Interface Wire-to-Board Fan Connectors

Amphenol offers wire-to-board fan connectors with a Blind-Mate Interface. These connectors are available in three pitch sizes: 1.25mm, 2.00mm, and 2.54mm. The maximum current carrying capacity of the 1.25mm pitch connectors is 2.8A/pin, while the 2.00mm pitch connectors can carry a maximum of 5.3A/pin, and the 2.54mm pitch connectors can handle a maximum of 5.5A/pin. The connectors feature cable-side terminal crimping and are available in both single-wire and double-wire options.

Uses of Blind-Mate Interface Wire-to-Board Fan Connectors

The wire-to-board fan connector provides a secure and reliable connection between the fan and the PCB, allowing for the transfer of power and data signals. They are commonly used in electronic devices such as computers (CPU fan connectors), servers, and other cooling systems.

The main advantage of using Blind-Mate Interface wire-to-board fan connectors is that they allow for easy installation and removal vertically. This makes them ideal for applications where the fan may need to be replaced or upgraded frequently.