Advanced DDR5 Connectors
The latest, fastest, and most efficient so far, the DDR5 standards, are expected to address the ever-growing demand of high performance computing from AI and machine learning to advanced datacenter and cloud environments. With higher pin count, lower operating volatage and higher transfer speeds than DDR4, Amphenol's DDR5 SODIMM sockets are ideal for advanced versions of notebooks, mini PCs, network attached storage systems and Industrial PCs.


Amphenol DDR4 connectors are designed to accept DDR4 memory modules that conform to JEDEC MO-309. These connectors are offered in SODIMM, DIMM, and SMT in vertical and right-angle orientations. These high-speed, high-density sockets facilitate convenient memory expansion in next-generation applications across, data, communication, industrial, and consumer markets.


Amphenol provides industry-proven memory module solutions including the most advanced and latest DDR5. With low latency and low power consumption, our high-performing memory module connectors compliant with industry standards are used in servers, workstations, desktop PCs, and embedded applications in communications and industrial equipment.

Memory Module Sockets (DDR Connectors)