We love a challenge!

Our engineering teams collaborate with our customers on 1000’s of projects every year, so no matter what technical, operational and even commercial challenges you face, Amphenol CS can develop a solution for you!

Our engineering teams have built a solid reputation with our customers, partnering with them every step of the way from concept and design to prototype and final production, in order to fulfill your custom requirements.

Amphenol CS brings a broad array of innovative technology and solutions to support the growth of Information, Communications and Commercial electronics markets, particularly in plating, signal integrity performance, and power management. As technology advances and applications become more demanding the key differentiator between suppliers will be their capabilities and performance.

The best thing is – we have manufacturing plants on every continent!

Please send in your custom requirements to our engineers. You think it, we make it.

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Custom Capabilities
Plating Technologies

Innovative Plating Solutions

GXT®, our preferred plating alternative to Gold, adds Palladium and Nickel to the mix to create a cost effective but equally efficient solution for a quality connection. Our 30+ years of commitment to offer GXT®-plated products will help to bring the best cost-quality balance into your automotive designs.

Innovative Plating Solutions

Interconnects plated with silver provide a higher current rating due to its low contact resistance. In addition, silver tolerates much higher temperatures and is more economical than gold.

This is why it is the preferred plating solution in electric vehicles and standard automobiles. Our silver plating solutions come in two proprietary versions, GCS® and AGT®.

Lead-free Solutions

Since the turn of the 21st century, connector tail-plating is being done on tin to make it lead-free.

However connector tails can grow “tin whiskers”, which are microscopic projections that can impede the reliability of connection over time. Our research to prevent whiskergrowth helped us land a solution based on matte-tin which were then tested on our products against automotive constraints like heat, humidity, and aging.

AGT® is a hard-silver deposit plated over a nickel deposit with an organic anti-tarnish and a proprietary surface treatment of a PAO lubricant.
GCS® is a hard-silver deposit plated over a nickel deposit with a metallic anti-tarnish layer plated over the silver and a proprietary surface treatment of a PAO lubricant.
PCB Mount Termination Expertise
Press-fit (PF)

Press-fit technology plays a key role in offering reliable signal and high power transmissions within automobiles and electric vehicles. For this reason, we bring you our press and manufacturing expertise in PCB contacts and busbars. PCB contacts are tooled in various hole sizes.

Surface Mount (SMT)

Space-saving Surface Mount connections are inevitable in today’s automotive electronics as they help to realize dense mezzanine board designs in Electronic Control Units. We offer SMT technology in standard and custom interconnects.

Ball-Grid Array (BGA)

We introduced Ball-Grid Array SMT technology to the world. We continue to apply this expertise to the world of automotive mezzanine PCB designs.