10G SFP+ Loopback Modules

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Amphenol's SFP+ MSA compliant Loopback Modules are part of Amphenol's comprehensive product family offering which includes copper cables and connectors. Our SFP+ loopbacks are offered as passive electrical. We have versions with and without EMI spring fingers. Loopbacks without EMI spring fingers reduce the insertion and extraction force.

Features & Benefits
  • SFF-8431 and SFF-8432 compliant module
  • Assures the loopback works with all industry standard ports
  • The module is composed of a high-frequency printed circuit board (PCB) designed with controlled impedance traces to loop the high speed lane RX to TX lane
  • Low cost tool to allow individual port testing without using a cable assembly which tests 2 ports and is harder to handle
  • Available with and without attenuation
  • Effectively tests ports with loss enabled to replicate the loss of a cable assembly
  • EEPROM per SFP+ MSA; customization is available
  • Enables system communication over I2C bus
  • Compatible with existing 10G SFP+ connector ports
  • Backward compatible with 10G SFP
  • Custom mechanical solutions with and without EMI springs fingers
  • Provides easier engagement/disengagement from the test ports
  • Available as a push to release design to ease releasing the loopback from the port
  • Push to release makes changing ports quicker and the loopback has a cast in feature to make port removal easier
  • RoHS compliant
  • Meets environmental, health and safety requirements
Target Markets & Applications