AirMax VS® Coplanar High-Speed Backplane Connector

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Features & Benefits
  • Same connector modules used in the backplane and coplanar mating configurations
  • Enables use of the same daughter cards in a wide range of system configurations
  • One baseboard can mate with several smaller IO cards
  • Enables mixing of baseboards and IO boards to satisfy a broad range of end customer configurations
  • Modules from different families can be combined
  • Provides the precise pin counts, speeds, guidance and power needed for a particular coplanar connection
  • Hardmetric design practice
  • Can mix-and-match with other metric power and guidance components for precise system build
  • 3mm pitch AirMax VS® modules allow 2 pairs signal routing between columns
  • Reduces the layer count for both boards by up to 50%, saving system cost and improving performance
  • AirMax VS® 5x10 module, is available in an 85Ohms version
  • Optimized for the Intel QPI® specification
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