Clincher™ 2.54mm Flex Connector System

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Features & Benefits
  • Pre-loaded contacts enabling mass termination to unprepared cable
  • Accelerates cable assembly and reduces cable assembly costs
  • "Clinching" section of contact forms a gas-tight, four point crimp
  • Highly reliable connection ensuring circuit integrity and prevents contamination
  • Dual-metal Mini-PV™ receptacle contacts
  • Achieve optimal interface reliability and maximizes durability (100 cycles)
  • Receptacle housing openings feature a beveled lead-in
  • Prevents pin stubbing and assists with pin alignment
  • Two-wall PCB friction headers and polarization options
  • Ensure secure mating and aid proper alignment to different types of flexible cable
  • Clincher™ receptacles mate to polarized friction headers; un-shrouded BergStik® headers and Clincher™ cable pin connectors
  • Configurable to accommodate different applications and design practices
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