D-Sub Pin-in-Paste Connectors

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Features & Benefits
  • Has a D-shaped shell design
  • Enables polarization
  • PiP technology is derived from the solder-to-board design for robustness
  • Cost-effective solution compared to SMT technology
  • User Through-hole Reflow technology for soldering
  • Avoids traditional wave soldering
  • Tape and reel packaging allows automated pick-and-place process
  • Saves time
  • PiP technology unlike wave soldering does not need constant adjustment and is thus more stable
  • Enhances product quality
  • Similar PCB layouts and hole diameters
  • Avoids any board re-designs
  • Usage of through hole pins and metal pegs compared to SMT
  • Provides higher robustness
  • Lead-Free and RoHS compliant
  • Meets environmental, health and safety requirements
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Target Markets & Applications