Double Density Cool Edge 0.80mm Connectors and Cable Assemblies

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Features & Benefits
  • 0.80mm pitch
  • 2A per pin for power application
  • 0.5A per pin for signal application
  • Support high density hybrid applications
  • Signal pins options from 76 to 428
  • Support maximum 70 lanes per connector
  • Hybrid configurations
  • Allows flexible power-signal combinations
  • Accommodates 1.60mm and 2.36mm thick mating boards
  • Supports most of the standard AIC applications
  • Optimized contact design to meet 32Gb/s
  • Meets next generation signal speed requirements
  • Special power contact design
  • Can carry more than 2A per pin
  • Compact connector design
  • Shortened trace lengths compared with standard cool edge connectors
  • Cable solution is available
  • Increased system interconnect flexibility
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Target Markets & Applications