DensiShield® highspeed Cable Connector

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Features & Benefits
  • 8-pair connectors can be mounted side by side on 12.5mm pitch enabling multiple I/O ports along a card edge
  • Robust strain relief with short cable exit enables close spacing between chassis panel and cabinet door or wall
  • Low vertical profile allows use in systems having 15mm pitch card slot spacing
  • Low crosstalk between differential pairs with controlled 100-ohm impedance to match 100-ohm shielded pair cable
  • Crimp ferrule system reliably terminates EMC shield of cable to connector covers
  • Robust EMC shield to chassis panel termination with shielding down to PCB level
  • Signal ground is isolated from EMC ground
  • SMT reflow-compatible PCB connector
  • Dual-beam contact system provides redundancy and long term reliability
  • RoHS-compliant
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