Dubox® 2.54mm Crimp to Wire

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The Dubox®, connector families offer an extensive range of through-hole and surface-mount part options, including single or double-row in either straight or right angle orientation from 2 to 50 positions, with a current rating of 3A (maximum) per individual contact.

The Dubox® contact has a pre-stressed, dual beam design to enable low insertion force, 4-wall contact design for signal protection.

Features & Benefits
  • Dual beam contact design
  • High reliable electrical performances
  • Contact pre-stressed
  • Low insertion force required
  • Mates with very short pins (5mm) stackable end-to-end and side-by-side
  • Meets your specific needs and is usefull for Mezzanine Application
  • Floating solder tails self center on the circuit pads
  • Easy to assures the coplanarity
  • 4 wall contact design
  • Signal protection
  • Duplex plating
  • Cost efficient
  • Locating feature available
  • Maintaining the alignment for soldering and facilitates robotic placement
  • High Temperature Performing Raw Material
  • Compatible with Infra-Red and Vapor-Phase reflow
  • According to DIN 41651 specification, HE13 and BT D2632
  • Qualified product
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