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Features & Benefits
  • 56 Gb/s PAM4
  • Supports emerging Data Center performance requirements
  • 90Ω nominal impedance
  • +/- 5 ohms impedance variation up to 1 mm demated
  • 2mm Signal Pin Wipe
  • Hermaphroditic mating interface minimizes electrical stub while maintaining highly reliable redundant contact system
  • 15.7 Mil Drill Compliant Pin
  • Proven pressfit technology allows for PCB backdrilling and footprint supporting 40 GHz bandwidth
  • High density
  • Can support 8 differential pairs in 1RU and up to 144 differential pairs in a direct orthogonal solution
  • 3 x 3.25 mm pitch on RAF side
  • Supports 2 differential pair routing to reduce PCB complexity and cost
  • Ground Structure on all 4 sides of the mating beams of each differential pair
  • Provides high signal isolation performance
  • Common mating interface for cable, standard header or direct orthogonal configurations
  • Designed for seamless system design flexibility
  • Die cast guide module
  • Robust guidance features integrated into the connector design allow for +/- 1.8mm X, +/-2.0mm Y axis gathering
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