Metral® Board Connectors

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Features & Benefits
  • Modular and scalable, available in 1, 2, 4 and 8 modules
  • Flexible modular length without any loss of contact position
  • 250 contacts per 100mm connector length
  • High signal density
  • Press-fit, Solder-to-Board and Pin-in-Paste terminations
  • Caters to different application requirement
  • Varying pin length enables first-mate, last-break capability
  • Allows sequential connection of pins for design flexibility and offers protection
  • Available in 4- and 5-row versions
  • Flexible connector size
  • Varying contact lengths allowed for any position in Headers
  • Facilitates custom loading
  • Dual-beam receptacle contacts
  • Provides electrical reliability and withstands vibration
  • Locating pegs option available
  • Enables accurate positioning of the connector on PCB, holds the connector in place
  • Stackable connector to Metral® high-speed range
  • Allows flexibility of designing with low- and high-speed signals
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