Metral® HDXS IO Connector

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Features & Benefits
  • Multiple headers & cable connector mating
  • Size Flexibility
  • IMLA based design for Headers
  • Enhanced SI performance
  • Mini Press Fit Pins for a Header connector
  • Improved Board Routing
  • Flat rock housing design for headers
  • Simplified Press-fitting process
  • Enhanced header connector footprint
  • Allows Horizontal and vertical routing and minimum layer count
  • Staggered Pin design
  • Clearance and Creepage distances comply with ANSI requirements of resistibility to over-voltages of up to 2500V
  • Die Cast Shells for Cable Connector
  • Robust & Ruggedized
  • Dual IDC termination, Dual Lip Contact and individual wire retention for cable connectors
  • High reliability
  • Shielded Cable connection to Front Panel
  • EMC Shielding
  • Recess provision in Cable connector allows entry of conductive bosses on the front panel
  • Guarantees electrical discharge before signal contacts are mated
  • Selective loading option for headers and receptacles
  • Custom loading SI performance
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Target Markets & Applications