Metral® High Speed 4000 Series Backplane Connector

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Features & Benefits
  • Fully shielded strip-line transmission structure for receptacles and headers
  • Reduced crosstalk & improved signal performance (less than 5% multi-line active NEXT @ 100ps rise time in differential applications)
  • Stackable end-to-end with other Amphenol Metral® products
  • Supports blind mating
  • Optimized contact geometry
  • Support different applications
  • Available in 5-row configurations for receptacles and 5/8-row configuration for Headers
  • Meets V-by-One HS standards
  • Press-fit headers and receptacles
  • Suitable for automotive application
  • Smaller Press-fit PCB hole diameter
  • Better routing and lower via capacitance
  • Dual-beam receptacle contacts
  • Provides electrical reliability and withstands vibration
  • Various header loading patterns
  • Allows customized selection
  • 25 pairs/inch in 5-row connector
  • High contact density
  • 100 mating cycles
  • Better durability
  • Lead-Free and RoHS compliant
  • Meets environmental, health and safety requirements
Part Numbers
Target Markets & Applications