Millipacs® Vertical Headers

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Features & Benefits
  • Hard Metric
  • Modular and Scalable by 25mm to 50mm
  • Three levels of mating contact lengths and different terminal lengths.
  • SI performance
  • Different length contacts at any position
  • Hybrid connectors with signal, power and coaxial contacts
  • Two outer rows
  • Adequate spacing for routing PCB traces and thereby optimizing board layers, Reduces PCB real estate Vs 2.54mm
  • Standard Modular length, without any loss of position
  • Easy guiding and visual identification. Prevents wrong mating
  • Enables data rate suitability up to 10Gbps - cost-effective transition to higher speed retaining the current backplane architecture and connectors
  • Custom loading
  • Enables versatile circuit design
  • Optional shielding
Part Numbers
Target Markets & Applications