Mini-SAS HD Copper Cable Assemblies 6G/12G/24G

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Features & Benefits
  • Cable assemblies available in x4 and x8 configurations
  • Flexible for SAS system data bandwidth design and can be used for PCI Express 4x and 8x
  • Optimized PCB with auto soldering process and separate Tx and Rx board designs
  • Assures 24G SAS 4 electrical performance requirement and lower cross-talk
  • Latch design with 180N maximum latch retention
  • Maintains cable connection under mechanically stressed conditions
  • Pull tabs are available in multiple lengths in various Pantone colors to meet application needs
  • Wide variety of options in the lanyard color and length based on actual system design requirement
  • A connector backshell is offered in a low profile design for 28 AWG and smaller AWG sizes
  • Higher density I/O panel port layout can be achieved when application distance is under 3 meters
  • EEPROM in cable assembly
  • Standard memory map compliance with possible customization
  • Hybrid external cables (Mini-SAS HD to Mini-SAS)
  • Allow for backward compatibility to legacy system hardware
  • 30AWG - 26AWG cable sizes
  • Supports cable lengths from 0.3 to 5 meters
  • Controlled wire management and termination process
  • Assures consistent high-speed electrical performance
  • RoHS2 compliant
  • Environmentally friendly
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