Paladin® HD 112G Backplane Interconnect System

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Features & Benefits
  • World class orthogonal density
  • 144 diff pairs within 1RU card spacing, including room for airflow
  • Industry standard performance for 112G systems
  • More than 40dB IL to XTalk margin at 25GHz
  • Linear transmission beyond 40GHz
  • No stub resonances out to 40GHz
  • Hybrid board attachment with press fit grounds and compression mount signals allow for traditional manufacturing processes
  • Optimized for maximum pair to pair density, signal integrity performance, and differential pair routing access at top layers of the board
  • Maximized routing channels to minimize board layers
  • 144 diff pair orthogonal can route in 6 high speed layers, up to 2 pairs per layer
  • Consistent Signal Integrity performance over the connector's mechanical mating range
  • Less than 5Ω of impedance change while the connector is de-mated up to 1.5mm
  • Mechanically matched and electrically balanced signals within each differential pair
  • Skew-less design with low mode conversion with conventional trace breakout
  • Common and symmetrical mating interface
  • Supports Orthogonal applications in both 90° / 270°, along with male and female cable
  • Leverages proven Paladin differential pair architecture and mating interface
  • Optimized reliability, robustness, quality, and real world 112G applications
  • 92Ω nominal impedance +/- 5Ω
  • Future upgrades under design
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