Paladin® HD 224Gb/s Backplane Interconnect System

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Features & Benefits
  • World class SI performance at 224Gb/s
  • Greater than 40dB IL to XTalk margin at Nyquist for all architectures
  • Industry leading density at 224Gb/s
  • 144 Differential Pairs within 1RU rack spacing orthogonally, including room for airflow
  • Consistent SI performance over the connectors mechanical mating range
  • Less than 5Ω impedance variation and minimal crosstalk impact over full wipe range
  • Linear transmission through 67GHz
  • No resonances through 67GHz
  • All system architectures supported; cables can terminate to other 224Gb/s product lines
  • Board-to-board, board-to-cable, PHD2 cable-to-cable, and PHD2 cable-to-Ultrapass (224Gb/s)
  • Maximized routing channels
  • Route 2 or more high speed differential pairs per layer
  • Mechanically matched and electrically balanced signals within each differential pair
  • Skew-less design with low mode conversion, while maintaining conventional trace breakout
  • Revolutionary hybrid board attachment: compression mount signals and press-fit grounds
  • Optimized for SI performance, density, and routing
  • Symmetrical mating interface
  • Supports both 90° and 270° orthogonal applications
  • Common differential pair components
  • Enables mass production scale with repeatable assembly steps for all configurations
  • Mate and footprint compatible with Paladin® HD and leverages proven differential pair architecture
  • Mate compatible upgrade path from 112Gb/s to 224Gb/s with reliable and robust design features
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