Paladin® 112Gb/s Backplane Connector

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Features & Benefits
  • 95ohm nominal impedance
  • +/- 5ohm impedance variation
  • Industry leading signal to noise performance
  • Over 40dB of IL to XT seperation at 25GHz
  • Linear transmission beyond 40GHz
  • No stub resonances from signal contacts
  • High Isolation and symmetrical footprint
  • Best in class crosstalk and common mode conversion performance with 40GHz of bandwidth
  • Mechanically and electrically matched signal lengths within each differential pair
  • Skew-less design without the routing challenges of a broadside coupled architecture
  • Consistent Signal Integrity performance over the connector's full wipe range
  • Less than 5ohms of impedance change while the connector is de-mated up to 2mm
  • Common mating interface and optmized square pitch
  • Broad product family that supports traditional backplane, direct orthogonal, cable, co-planar, and mezzanine orientations
  • Footprint routes both horizontally and vertically with traditional PCB manufacturing technologies
  • Dual track routing reduces board layers and system costs
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