PwrBlade® Mini Cable-to-Board Connector

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Features & Benefits
  • Rated up to 25A per power contact (50A/column) without exceeding 30°C temperature rise in still air
  • Provides high power density in a low profile
  • Modular tooling design
  • The number and placement of power and signal contacts can be customized
  • 12AWG for power contacts and 26AWG-22AWG available for signal contacts
  • Multiple wire gauge options allows for flexibility in system designs
  • Patented GCS® plating for power contacts, GXT® for signal contacts
  • Lower contact resistance
  • Squeeze-to-release latches and slide-latching CPA options available
  • Ensures higher mated retention force and reliable connection in all applications
  • Solder-tail or press-fit tail board termination
  • Termination flexibility for different PCB layouts
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