PwrBlade® ULTRA Connector System

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Features & Benefits
  • Up to 75A per contact for high power and up to 45A per contact for low power
  • Provide excellent power density and multiple power voltage
  • 9.6mm height
  • Low profile configuration ideal for 1U power supplies or power distribution system
  • Highly vented housing design
  • Maximizes heat dissipation for effective system cooling
  • Halogen-free housing material
  • Meets next generation environmental requirements
  • Operating temperature ranges from -40°C to 125°C
  • Adaptable to extreme environments
  • Right Angle header, Right Angle receptacle and Vertical receptacle types
  • For both co-planar applications and backplane applications
  • Number and placement of power and signal contacts are configurable for customer needs
  • Design flexibility and choices for customers
  • Solder or press-fit tails
  • Termination flexibility
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