Modular Jack - Rugged

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Features & Benefits
  • Internal and external seals made with flexible silicone rubber
  • Excellent sealing to IP67 and higher over wide temperature range, protects equipment from water and dust incursion
  • Standard RJ interface where Ethernet/IP Protocol is used
  • Can be used in wide variety of applications where standard RJs would be used
  • Die Cast metal housing
  • Mechanically rugged and stable protects against shock, vibration and impact and prevents distortion
  • Mates with existing standard connectors
  • Can be used with wide variety of readily available mating connectors
  • Comparable in size to standard equivalents
  • Can usually replace existing standard parts with little to no changes or additional space required
  • Wide variety of mounting and termination options
  • Replace virtually any existing standard connector using standard footprints and mounting hardware
Part Numbers
Target Markets & Applications