Rugged SCFF Optical Transceiver (1TRx)

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T-range: -40°C to +85°C operational
Data-rate: 1.25Gbps to 28.05Gbps

Embedded solderable optical transceiver compatible with duplex LC optical cavities. Its 12pin electrical interface complies with specifications SFF-8431 for high-speed interfaces.

  • Capable of speeds from 1.25Gbps up to 28.05Gbps and distances up to 150m (OM3 at 8Gbps)
  • Conformal coating option

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Features & Benefits
  • Small Cubic Form Factor (SCFF)
  • Uses 2x less board space than SFP+ form factor
  • Data rate transparent from 1.25Gbps to 28.05Gbps*
  • Supports standard and non-standard protocols in this range of data rates (10GbE, 25GbE, 8G/16G/32G Fiber Channel)
  • Duplex LC
  • Ideal for applications requiring safe optical connection
  • SFF-8472 compliant two-wire control and diagnostic interface (i²c)
  • Allows for transceiver optimization and monitoring connection discovery, channel diagnostics, and signal status monitoring
  • Enhanced Bit Error Rate (1e-12) requires no or limited FEC
  • Lower system latency and better system performance
  • Programmable input equalization
  • 16dB of signal peaking at 14GHz to compensate for suboptimal signal condition*
  • Programmable output amplitude and de-emphasis
  • Clock and Data Recovery*
  • Compensate for PCB traces loss for proper signal conditioning
  • Guaranteed performance over full data rate range
*for 25Gbps version only
Target Markets & Applications