SAS/PCIe 3.0 (U.2) Connectors

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Features & Benefits
  • Receptacles are intermateable with unshielded dual port SFF8680 (SAS 3.0) connectors
  • Offers flexibility in component selection
  • SAS/PCIe connectors enable SFF8630, SFF8680 and SFF8432 interface
  • Implementation of high speed SSDs (Solid State Drives) and HDDs (Hard Disk Drives)
  • Allows compatibility between unshielded dual and multiport
  • Backward compatible with 6Gb/s SAS, SATA and 3Gb/s SFF8482 connectors
  • Same interface can be used for cost-effective storage HDDs as well as higher performance server SSDs
  • Supports up to 4 ports PCIe based devices
  • Improves performance and faster file transfers
  • Supports both SAS and SATA drives
  • Addresses the needs of both mission critical and bulk storage applications
  • Staggered contact lengths
  • Provides sequential contact mating for hot plugging
  • Stamped clips act as connector retainers for robust PCB attachment
  • Provide additional mechanical strength after soldering
  • Molded guideposts help mating halves to self-align by providing angled lead-ins
  • Compensates for connector misalignment
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