SFP OverPass™ Assemblies

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Features & Benefits
  • Direct chip to IO port connection; accommodates straight and cross over wiring; Custom IO mapping; heat sinks and light pipes
  • Significant reduction in signal loss transmission; addresses system thermal and mechanical needs
  • Full SFP industry standard compatibility
  • Assures proper mating of cables, AOC's and optical modules
  • Full support of 28G and 56G signaling speeds
  • Full signal integrity performance compatibility
  • Integrated system solution including assembly aid
  • Ease of assembly in hardware systems
  • 100% full performance testing and characterization
  • Assures full product functionality
  • Full vertical integration of product components
  • Connectors and cable supplied, processed, terminated and tested by Amphenol
  • Multiple near chip IO connector options
  • Choice of multiple IO solutions available to address signal integrity performance and requirements
  • Flexible sideband signal termination options
  • Cabled to either Minitek® cable connector or to the near chip IO connector
Target Markets & Applications