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Features & Benefits
  • Available in 6 Row and 8 Row
  • 2 x 2.25 mm grid
  • 76-101 real signals per linear inch
  • VHDM® backplane module available in 10 position and 25 position
  • Modular design allows for single ended (VHDM®) and differential (VHDM-HSD™) wafers to be placed on the same stainless steel rear organizer (stiffener)
  • Shared components (guides, powers, etc.) with VHDM-HSD™
  • Open pin field version (VHDM® L-Series wafer) can be used to reduce overall slot cost and is stiffener compatible with all other VHDM® wafer types
  • Right Angle Male option available
  • VHDM® Stacker provides a press-fit solution for stacking applications (available in 6 row)
  • Backward mate compatible derivatives allowing for cost effective upgrade paths
  • Data rates up to 25 Gb/s
  • Large array of wafer types that can be combined on one stiffener allows for design flexibility
  • Vertically integrated supply chain using automated assembly equipment and full cavitation on component tooling allows for an optimized cost solution
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