XCede® Family Cable Assemblies

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Features & Benefits
  • Fully passive copper cable assembly
  • Low cost reliable signal transmission
  • Same mechanical benefits as backplane connectors
  • High pin counts, blind mate & high density
  • Low loss twin ax cable
  • Overcomes limitation of PCB materials
  • Linear transmission to ~30 GHz
  • Enables 25G NRZ and 56G PAM4
  • Flexible pin out
  • Allows for full mesh designs with cable harnesses
  • 30 - 26 AWG wire gauges
  • Optimization of transmission and cable routing
  • 100% high speed test coverage
  • Assurance of functional performance
  • Mate compatible with press fit headers and right angle
  • Line cards / switch cards can be shared between systems allowing for a scalable platform
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