50Ω Hermetic Feedthrough

Amphenol Ardent Concepts TR Multicoax Series connectors mated with our 50Ω Hermetic Feedthrough are ideal for applications where hermeticity is crucial to the transmission of high speed signals. In these applications, TR connectors are mated to the hermetic feedthrough on either end ensuring an impedance matched 50Ω channel between any two chambers. The feedthrough is fixed to a flange (such as an ISO disk) with screws in blind-holes from the inside of the vacuum. Lastly, the hermetic feedthrough is completely sealed using an epoxy potting.
Key Benefits
  • Leak-proof design (Max leak rate 2.00E-09 LTorr)
  • Variety of coaxial cable materials available for milliKelvin (mK) temperatures (Flexible, CuNi, NbTi)
  • Extremely dense form factor (160+ channels in standard ISO disc)
  • Easily mate/de-mate multiple high-speed lanes
  • Ardent TR Multicoax™ compatible – substantial channel increase over traditional surface mount connectors (2.54 mm pitch)
  • Can be prepopulated vacuum flanges, customer specific flanges, or sold individually
  • Tapped provisions allow quick connection of multiple TR multicoax connectors at once
  • Dilution refrigerators/Cryogenic devices
  • Quantum Computing
  • Vacuum Chambers
  • Anywhere where RF signals need to be passed through a sealed wall
  • Performance out to 40 GHz
  • Return Loss: ≤ -10 dB to 30 GHz, ≤ -5 dB to 40 GHz
  • Insertion Loss: ≤ -0.9 dB to 30 GHz, ≤ -2.7 dB to 40 GHz
  • 16 and 24 channel versions
  • Potted and O-Ring versions
  • Mechanical Cycles: 1000
  • Max leak rate 2.00E-09 Ltorr
  • Rated down to 10mK temperatures

In-Line Cryogenic Attenuation

High density thermalized low noise cryogenic bulkhead attenuator array for use with TR Multicoax™ connectors. Utilizes industry leading materials like Oxygen-free high thermal conductivity (OFHC) copper and NiCr on thermally conductive crystalline quartz dielectric provides minimal change in attenuation with temperature delta. Attenuation is offered in 0, 10, and 20 dB configurations and supports bandwidth up to 12 GHz. 16 channel form factor at a 2.54 mm pitch, signal to signal, saves valuable real estate in confined spaces.
Key Benefits
  • Small form factor for space constrained environments
  • Ideal for quantum computing applications
  • Multiple attenuation values available for experimentation
  • Substantial channel increase over traditional surface mount connectors
  • Minimal change in attenuation with temperature
  • Manufactured with approved cryogenic materials for thermalization, outgassing, and mechanical integrity (NiCr on thermally conductive crystalline quartz dialectric)

In-Line Cryogenic Attenuation Specifications and Measurement Results
  • Dilution refrigerators/Cryogenic devices
  • Quantum Computing
  • Vacuum Chambers
  • Anywhere where RF signals need to be passed through a sealed wall
  • Frequency range: DC to 12 GHz
  • Attenuation @ 5 GHz: ±1 dB
  • Insertion loss variation with frequency: <1.0 dB
  • Return loss: - 10 dB MAX For 0 dB Attenuator
  • -15 dB MAX For 10/20 dB Attenuator
  • Max power handling: 100 mW
  • Mates with TR Multicoax connectors
  • Temperature rating: Validated to 3mK (sample in vacuum)

High Density TR Multicoax™ Cabling

High Density TR Multicoax™ Cabling

Amphenol Ardent Concepts’ high density (2.54 mm pitch) TR Multicoax™ bridges room temperature electronics to Hermetic Feedthrough for massive lane scale up. We offer multiple internal coaxial cabling options including: low outgassing flexible, CuNi semi-rigid, and non-magnetic. All metal, fully coaxial solderless compliant interface between connectors allows for noise floor crosstalk. Assemblies are available in a variety of form factors, cable lengths, and pre-bent configurations. Please consult the factory with any requirements.
High Density TR Multicoax™ Cryogenic Cabling

Key Benefits
  • One of the densest solutions on the market, ability to fit 168+ channels through a single ISO 100 flange
  • Qualified Hermetic Feedthrough from room temp to vacuum
  • Industry-leading crosstalk at 2.54 mm pitch
  • Ability to utilize preferred cables within the industry: Flexible, CuNi, NbTi
  • Non-magnetic coaxial cabling available
  • Socket solutions for Quantum IC
Insertion Loss
  • -1 dB point at 27 GHz
  • -2.5 dB at 67.5 GHz
  • No resonances throughout the frequency range
Return Loss
  • -17 dB Max Return Loss occurs at 34 GHz
  • Return Loss better than-17dB out to 70 GHz
  • Best fit line of Return Loss idealized as close to linear, no drastic changes in Return Loss observe
  • Dilution refrigerators/Cryogenic devices
  • Shielding cans
  • Sample exchangers
  • Between isolation discs
  • From distribution refrigerators to measurement equipment

Advanced Near-Processor Solutions

  • Customizable TR Multicoax™ assemblies for connection of final stage to processor
  • Light blocking connection between stages
  • Right angle low-profile form factors for near processor connection
  • Alternative coaxial connector options available (SMA, SMP)
  • All metal sockets and interposers available for chip-to-board and board-to-board connections
  • Coaxial down to 1 mm pitch
  • Non-coaxial down to 0.4 mm pitch
  • Non-magnetic materials available
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